My family just found out my grandfather died...6 months ago!

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  • Violia

    We have experienced this callous hate filled behavior too. Jws have ways to get even with you and they do this by not letting you know about family and former friends death, serious illness. It is sad but I've gotten used to their deplorable behavior. I don't expect anything from them and I'm never disappointed.

  • JRK

    I feel for you Noni, most of my family is just as worthless as your step-grandmother.


  • Nobleheart

    I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather's passing Noni. Also for finding out about it months later... There's simply no excuse for dividing and isolating someone from family members.

  • Snoozy

    What a horrible way to find out Noni..I am so sorry for you and your family. Unfortunately there are even women out there that aren't JW's that alienate their spouses family just out of meanness and selfishness.

    I'm sorry you didn't have more contact with your sucks sometimes..but I bet he would be proud of the person you turned out to be..

    Hugs, Snoozy

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    That is absolutely outrageous, Noni.

  • PenelopePaige

    That sucks! What a bitch!

    :( Sorry for your loss

    I've mentioned on here plenty of times that I have a stepmother who did this, though she is not a JW, she's isolated my father to the point where no family members know anything about him- and can you believe he allows this?! What a wimp!

    Anyway, I google him from time to time to see if he's still living. Sadly, that's the only way I'll ever learn of his death, through the internet. I'm sure the raging bitch will be sure to also put out an obit making sure to NOT mention anyone in his family. Will probably say he had no children. Some people are so hateful! There really had better be a hell because this woman (and your step-grandmother) needs to go there! :)

  • mrsjones5

    That's a damn shame Noni.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.


  • Jim_TX

    I am sorry to hear that you were not informed of the death in the family. It really sucks.

    It is similar to my sister calling me to inform me that our mother had passed - and the funeral was going to be...

    I had not known that she was dying. I got the same call that many others got - AFTER - she had passed. I let her know that I was displeased in being informed after the fact. I guess she got the message - because when my sister was on her deathbed, I got a phone call to let me know. (I didn't know she was dying either - but at least my older sister let me know prior to her passing.)

    JWs have not got a good sense of how things are supposed to work.

    My condolences on the loss of your grandfather.


    Jim TX

  • noni1974

    I just talked to my sister and since she lives in the same city she is going to do her best to get the elders invloved and get her counciled about this. This woman had my sisters phone number and even has been to my sisters house for dinner. There was no reason at all for this. My sister up until 2 years ago would visit my grandfather at his nursing home. He was moved to a new nursing home 2 years ago and my step grandmother "forgot" the name of it and my sister is not someone who would just forget that. My sister asked every time she saw her at the assemblies and would call her at home and get no answer. My grandfather has been missing for 2 years. We had no idea where he was. My father tried to find him but all the nursing homes he called had no records of him.

    My sister is smart enough to know that this makes JWs look bad. She told me that this was why some people believe that JWs break up families. She also told me that even though we don't believe the same things I'm still a part of the family and this would never be the case if anyone else in our family died or got sick. She also offered to arrainge a memorial service for him if my father and uncle wanted to have one in Florida.

    As far as I know my uncle doesn't know yet and we have been trying to call him since yesterday when I found this information. My grandmother doesn't know yet either.

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