My family just found out my grandfather died...6 months ago!

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  • ohiocowboy

    I'm sorry to hear that Noni. I know you must be really upset. Doing such things as your step G-mother did seems to be a trademark with the JW's. I found out that my Father died while doing an internet search, much in the same way you did, so I can imagine the ill feeling that you felt when his Obit came up. It is totally unfair. I wish you inner peace in knowing that there is nothing that you could have done to change things. The poster who mentioned the tree in honor of your G-father sounds like a really good idea!

    I wish you the absolute best as you try to heal from this horrible thing that happened to you.

  • tec

    I'm sorry too, Noni. For your dad, too. When I was around nine or ten, I want to the States with my grandparents (grandfather was american) to visit his mother. He found her house abandoned, he had no numbers to reach her, couldn't get hold of his brother in the same area... nothing. Finally found out she'd been at a nursing home, and then they told him that she had died a while back. I'm foggy on the details, because I was so young. But I remember him just being in shock, and he was so quiet. My grandmother was pissed!!! It was awful, awful. No one was a jw, though. Just greed, maybe resentment among siblings over I don't know what, and definitely a lack of love.

    So I understand, and I'm so sorry.


  • OnTheWayOut

    It's aweful to hear your news and how it was kept from family.

    Strength to you on your "sudden" discovery of loss.

  • ziddina

    Good grief...

    What a manipulative monster...

    I am so sorry to hear about what you and your family have gone thru, Noni.

    I am also sorry to hear about your pain, Band on the Run, Broken Promises, Ohio Cowboy, and Tec. That is a pain that must be almost beyond bearing...

  • Thetis

    This is something that truly touches me. My first husband was tragically killed when my son was very young. I recently heard that his Father, my

    son's grandfather had died about 6 months ago. I'm angry that elder ex BIL or his current wife couldn't have let us know - specifically my son.

    The ties that bind a family are non existent in their world. At the drop of a hat, they erase you from their life and think nothing of it. They speak of

    love which they do not practise.

    Sorry you had to go through this.

  • serenitynow!

    Wow noni, I'm sorry about that. A JW pioneer slut broke up my family so I know about that.

  • nugget

    Truly shocking and callous behaviour. This woman has behaved attrociously. She knows it but doesn't care. The good news is that she is no longer part of your family. Did your grandfather write a will before taking ill. It is customary with second marriages for wills to include provision for spouse whilst they are alive and a division of assets between all children later.

    Usually these people are motivated by avarice and sadly they often succeed. What is so sad is the way she has robbed you all of precious time with a loved one.

  • TotallyADD

    Sorry for your loss. Because of the JW cult I never got to know any of my so called worldly relatives. In FL I would see many single older women go after men who just lost their wife to death. Many times would breakup the family. Many times the adult JW children were worried about their inheritance because the new wife had her hands on it. All JW cult victims. They just don't know how to show love to each other. I know you are upset and have the right to be but take a deep breath and consider some of the suggestions others have given you. Maybe you can get some closure from it. Take care. Totally ADD

  • carla

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    What is wrong with people?! She and the jw's should be ashamed of themselves.

  • shamus100

    It's just vindictiveness, nothing more. They enjoy doing things like this because their lives are so awful they can only treat people like shit.

    Trust me, Noni, her life is much MUCH worse than yours. A life based on negativity, and nothing more. Your new life is much better - I know that. :)

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