My family just found out my grandfather died...6 months ago!

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  • noni1974

    Yeah thatnks JW step grandmother bitch. I can't believe that she would not call her step sons and let them know their father had passed away. My father is a JW also and my little sister sees this woman at assemblies and she didn't bother to call anyone. She has been married to my grandfather since the early 1970's and she broke up my fathers family to begin with.

    My grandfather died in Febuary and he popped into my head today and I googled him. I found his obituary. We don't even know if he was buried or cremated. He apparenly had no memorial service or funeral and he was a WWII hero. He and his brothers were members of the Greatest Generation and they all served in the armed forces. His obituary was very general and didn't mention anything about his life or any kind of service for him.

    Then again according to my mother and father this woman has worked very hard at seperating my grandfather from his family. They didn't tell my father that he was selling the family business, nor that they were moving to Florida. When they sold the business my father found out from people at the Kindom Hall and he was working for my grandfather at the time. Then they disapear and move to Florida without telling anyone.

    JW's are such nice people aren't they. Especially this one. This whore broke up my grandparents, converted my grandfather to JWs, and then did her best to make sure my grandfather had no relationship with his sons or grandchildren, all the while he raised her bastard son and let him have his name.

    Seriously, is this how "true christians" are supposed to treat each other??

  • jamiebowers

    Your step-grandmother makes the perfect jw....a master manipulator. She is in the same category as the child abusers and wife beaters that run amok in the organization.

  • Scully

    Oh, noni, there's just no excuse for this kind of behaviour. I'm so sorry.

    It sounds like the step-grandmother has serious mental health issues, in addition to the paranoia that the WTS cultivates in people who are prone to these kinds of delusions. I know it's small consolation, but this woman can no longer control your grandfather. And you and the rest of your family can have a proper memorial service for him - the kind he deserved for his honourable service in the military. Maybe you can "adopt" a tree at a local arboretum or park in your grandfather's memory - something strong and true, like an oak tree. You'll all be able to visit together there, and share recollections of happier times.

    My condolences.

  • paulnotsaul

    Noni1974, I am sorry for your loss. My grandpa passed away August of last year. I feel/know your pain. He had many similarites to your granddad. I really do miss him. My sympathies go out to you and your family. Peacetoalllovedones paulnotsaul

  • shamus100

    I"m so sorry, Noni.

    Yes, they are that way.

  • noni1974

    You know it hurts most because my father has lost his father and he didn't even know. We knew it was coming because he has been dealing with alzheimer's for about 8 years or so. He was in a nursing home. My father tried to call him in Febuary and could not find him. He had been moved last year and no one told us that either. My dad tried every nursing home that dealt with dimentia he could find and no one had any records of him. Turns out he died Febuary 20, 2011 at 90 years old.

    I never really had a relationship with my grandfather because his wife wouldn't let him. Even after my family moved down to Florida when I was 5 years old they never wanted anything to do with us. I know it was because of her. She was never my grandma. She was always June and now she is nothing to me.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My uncle, who was offered money from the Society to clear up a bad KH, abandoned his family and the Witnesses. After the divorce, he married a woman from the KH. He was so JW. The scandal was incredible. He had minor children, cousins that I never liked b/c they were so goody two shoed JWs. They were completely abandoned. No child support. My mom found him in Ca and flew to meet him to serve as bridge back to the family. She took photos of his children to show him how they were doing. Altho I did not know it, I later discovered the sheer hell they went through being the children of an overseer.

    He never paid child support. Never acknowledged a birthday or wedding. When my mom finally pressed and said they were innocent, good kids, she got the heave ho too. He mailed his children's photos back to my mom.

    It was possible, with time, for this new wife and the children to blend. I am still in a rage about the way they were treated.

    It is painful.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises


    I can completely relate as my former stepmother is the same. She split up the family as she wanted my father all to herself. He was allowed to be part of her family but he wasn't allowed to be part of ours. They too moved without telling us their new address or even a phone number. We found out these details by checking the phone book.

    Likewise, when my father died, we found out via a family friend. No one rang us regarding the funeral details - I had to call someone to find out when he was going to be buried.

    My main consolation is that we're no longer related to the step-bitch, nor can she influence my father anymore.

  • leavingwt

    I'm very sorry to hear this. You deserve better.

  • mrmusicmr

    sorry for that. hope everything goes better.

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