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  • discreetslave

    I hang my head in shame over defending this issue in the past and training my child to refuse blood if the time came. I thought I was a part of something noble and true. I could have been that mom. I risked death over the blood issue with both births of my children. To think it would have been for nothing. I share in your outrage those bastards. I wouldn't be surprised if the only reason they're making all these fraction allowances is due to the GB dealing with these issues. They are to chicken sh** to face their own mortality.

    To WBT$ & it's defenders. How do you sleep at night with all this blood on your hands?

  • Free!!

    Giordano... i did not know about this!! WOW!! i am watching the documentary now.... is horrible what mind control can do!

  • Rabbit

    Found Sheep... blood boils over, too. That Awake! magazine that Nickolas pasted tells the tale, perhaps unknown, to the Newbie with just 41 posts about JW children's parents faith in the WT.

    Newbie: What do all those smiling young children have in common?

    Yep. All their parents are JW's.

    Yep. Their parents put the JW god 1st.

    Yep. Everyone of those smiling children are -- dead.

    Yep. Somebody is responsible for their deaths -- the parents & the people who misled them -- the GB -- the great pretenders.

    "Pretenders"...Like ExWhyZee, a short time after she died, the GB decreed Hemoglobin was 'OK'. Wow. Missed it by 'that' much. Oh, well, hell...she died "faithful to CURRENT WT LAW". What the HELL is wrong with their vaunted "conduit" from Jehovah? Does it get clogged up???? Does TRUTH change -- ever ??? Are you aware the GB actually VOTES a 2/3 majority in order to make those NewLight changes ? Which means some GB members DO NOT HEAR/SENSE/GET THE SAME MESSAGE !

    WHY ??? WTF ???

    I'll bet that like me and my one else who lost a loved one ever got a "Thank you for your Godly Human Sacrifice of your _(Fill in Blank)__".

    Or, a "Please excuse any misunderstandings and resulting deaths that may have occured during atmospheric disturbances (Acts of God) that interferred with our reception of His guidelines on Blood & Organ Transplants."

    Please, stay around Newbie. Ask every question! I am happy you are here.

    There is much more to my WT bloody experiences, I hang my head in shame, when I think of just how high my head was up the Watchtower's Stinky Ass...

  • rebel8
  • Nickolas

    What the HELL is wrong with their vaunted "conduit" from Jehovah? Does it get clogged up????

    Yes, Rabbit, it does. With exactly the same thing toilets get clogged up with.

  • AGuest

    They absolutely OVERSTEP the words of Christ, that:

    "NO ONE has GREATER love than this, that someone should surrender (lay down/give) HIS soul (breath/life)... in behalf of his friends." John 15:13

    And what is that LIFE? The same as Christ gave: his BLOOD:

    "For the life (soul) of the flesh [is] in the blood..." Leviticus 17:11

    My Lord, the Holy One of Israel and Holy Spirit, JAHESHUA, the Chosen One of JAH (MischaJah), the MOST Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies... KNEW this! And so gave... in behalf of the WORLD... HIS life. By giving his BLOOD. As a demonstration of his... LOVE.

    Anyone, then, who says that they are teaching his commandment (which include, are based on, and dependent upon LOVE)... and following in HIS footsteps (and so give their LIFE in behalf of their "friends")... yet, will deny another his blood (life/soul) even if it may grant such one to LIVE... is lying. They are NOT following Christ... nor are they keeping HIS commandments! Because who is your "friend"... if NOT your child/loved one??

    The leaders of the WTBTS are blind guides. Those who follow them are also blind. Hence, the blind LEADING the blind. Will not BOTH fall into the "pit"? GET... OUT... OF... HER. Or you WILL share in her sins... and receive her plagues as a result!

    May those with ears HEAR... and get the SENSE of these truths so as to GET... OUT... OF... HER. Because her sins have amassed... clear up to the heavens.

    Again, peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Wow for good reason this is a HOT topic!!! I also used to believe it was the right thing to do!! Brain washing is powerful stuff...FS

  • Scully

    A long time ago, I suggested that the number of deaths that occurred due to the WTS teaching forbidding blood transfusions was at least as many as the lives lost at Jonestown. The WTS has the advantage of having all these incidents occurring at different times and places over many decades, so each one - as an isolated incident - catches our attention momentarily, until the next one, and the next one, and so on. It would be a huge shock and a much louder outcry if all the bodies were piled up together in one place, just as it was with Jonestown.

    This was the original intent of the Watchtower Victims Memorial. I think it's hugely important to catalogue the names of victims of this insane policy, including ages, dates of death, and surviving family, and the circumstances of the death beyond refusal of blood transfusion (accident? childbirth? cancer? etc.). It is the only way to itemize the carnage in a globally accessible format.

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