another sad blood story

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  • Pistoff

    The members of the GB who won't change this policy NOW are stone cold killers, and they know it.

    Thanks for sharing, FS.

    I had a good friend who refused blood after a bleeding ulcer; he died, leaving a wife and 2 girls, aged 3 and 1.


    If one commits adultery (or fornication), mentioned in the same scripture that 'bans' blood, one can be forgiven and move on.

    To refuse blood can be fatal.

  • Quandry

    Glad you can help people through your example...someday you may be in the position to help a JW who is struggling with the issue.

    I had a hyterectomy a couple of years ago and it seemed strange to me to answer yes to the person who asked if I would be willing to have a transfusion if needed, but also felt comforting!

  • trailerfitter

    The issue is going to break our family apart in the next few weeks. My wife is going to sign the legal notification to let the JWs deal with the affair if blood is needed. I will not accept someone making decisions like that about my family so instead of hoping it never happens I would prefer to have some upset and a divorce rather than having everyone angry upset etc if we do get to this issue. I didi warn her. My wife has changed so much she is now just pig headed. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  • carla

    Another sad story indeed. The wt has much blood on their hands.

    Trailerfitter, please get your own affairs in order NOW! would your jw wife allow you to get blood in the case of an emergency? or would she allow you to die so she wouldn't be guilty? Get a medical power of attorney document and get it notarized. Let non jw family/friends know about it, give them copies and tell your Dr your situation. If you have children you may want to let the Dr know ahead of time that you will allow all medical procedures including blood in the case of an emergency for your children. It would be terrible if something happened and the wife didn't call you until it was too late.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    It is odd... When I was a JW I thought it never happen now that I am out I here story after story. Thank you for sharing!!! I will advocate for life!


  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Pistoff writes:

    “The members of the GB who won't change this policy NOW are stone cold killers, and they know it.”

    Boy you got that right! Stone cold killers!

    Marvin Shilmer

  • redhare67

    To obey god, despite consequences can be very hard, especially for imperfect humans!

  • Nickolas

    Sometimes you just don't know what to say. There are no words that come, maybe because no words are sufficient.

    To obey god, despite consequences can be very hard, especially for imperfect humans!

    What are the consequences of saying stupid things in a thread like this? Go back under your rock.

  • Free!!

    you can tell most of the idiots that wrote the WT doctrines about blood were cold hearted @$$3$ and did not have any kids.... i'll go crazy if something happens to my dogs!!! imagining if i had a child!! how can you let your kid die???!!! I am po'd right now....

  • Giordano

    Google Jonestown, I am not puting the link on here because while it's not gory (lookls like people sleeping) it is disturbing. This is the reality of what the blood issue comes down to. This is what what can happen to otherwise decent people who allow themselves to be manipulated. This happened ONCE in an open field and the entire world recoiled. This is happening every day behind closed doors with JW's and they think this is pleasing to god.

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