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  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    So I had a patient this week that needed blood. As I always do I give the signs of a rejection and pros and cons... She said of course I'll have one since I need it... I just don't understand people that don't!!! And they would rather die. I just agreed and said I used to be one of those ignorant ones.... She had some family in the room and didn't say anything about my response till today. I had some time and was talking to her and she got all excited and asked what I meant by that remark. I told her I was an EX-JW. She said with tears in her eyes that her neighbor is a JW and let there child die because they would not let her have blood... I had a hectic day so didn't get all the details.... She said it was somthing that haunts her to this day... What a sick cult they are!!!

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    20 people read this and have nothing to say and my blood is at a boil? just btt to see if anyone has balls to respond

  • agonus

    You have every right to be upset. Even if the blood ban WAS Scriptural (and it isn't and the WT knows it), surely a loving God would make exceptions to the rule if someone's life was at stake - especially a child who has no capacity to comprehend such issues! Jesus made it abundantly clear countless times that love and compassion were more important than legalism. Jesus said that even the Pharisees would be willing to remove an animal trapped in a pit on the Sabbath - how much more so would they do so for their own children? But alas, the WT are exponentially more Pharisaical than the Pharisees could ever aspire to be.

  • clarity

    Fs, just got on here and have to say that if I had let my child die, for lack of medical attention, I would never forgive myself.

    Now that Iam free from the brain washing, the pain would be too much.

    To think that I purposely caused this death. For nothing??

    Someone would have to pay!!

    oh sorry I don't have "balls" tho

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    We had a JW die on my unit about 3 years ago post baby hemorage... But a child? that is just sick!!!! is there anything more important then the life of your chid? I don't have kids but feel the tugg... NO nothing is

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    figure of speach... the balls I don't have them either.... thanks for the response

  • Rabbit

    Found Sheep...

    I lost my sweet JW mom to this stupid issue over a decade ago now. She slowly smothered to death in a perfectly good hospital. The docs & nurses kept looking in...wanting, needing to use their knowledge save my mom. It was horrible, just like for have to simply stand by...and do nothing.

    I was holding my mom's hand when she went -- lifeless.

    A whole mixed room full of people who loved her...just...watched.

    I have told this story, it seems like hundreds of times here, sometimes with almost no response, sometimes plenty. I want to make sure that newbies READ this about a real person, hopefully, it will make a little difference. But, I realize it makes others uncomfortable, others have commented before, others...just don't know what to say.

    Thank you for posting this about one of the most destructive facets of this despicable religion.

    We need to speak for the dead and dying -- to the living.


  • exwhyzee

    It must be difficult to be involved in these matters on a daily basis, let alone stand by and watch them refuse help. I've posted on this subject before so I was like Rabbit and was hesitant to repeat what I've already said.

    Long story short, my Non Witness Dad died a horrible death because he foolishly signed the no blood paperwork before a surgery. All he knew about blood transfusions was from studying with the Witnesses decades ago. A short time after he died, they made it OK to take blood fractions. If he'd have known that was going to happen, he'd have surely done things much differently. I really worry about this issue because I have such an aversion to blood transfusion due to my Witness upbringing. I hope I never have to face this as I'm sill not sure what I'd do. I'm glad my kids are grown now and that decision , if it arises, is now up to them. I can't imagine the horror of just letting your child bleed to death. How do you ever get over such a thing ? And imagine how you'd feel if someday in the future you ever left the organization and had to live with what you'd done.

  • ziddina

    That post-baby hemorrage also sounds tragic. Imagine being born, growing up to be around 8 - 10 years old, and finding out that you don't have a mom because she died when you were born??

    And THEN finding out that she probably didn't have to die?


  • ziddina

    Oh, Rabbit... ExWhyZee... I am so sorry to hear of your loved ones' senseless deaths!

    ExWhyZee, your comment, "...imagine how you'd feel if someday in the future you ever left the organization and had to live with what you'd done. ..."

    I suppose that would only lock people further into the cult. The pain of having to face that horrific injustice [of allowing the Watchtower Society' capricious arrogance to kill a loved one] would be too great to bear...

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