1975 WAS a Big Deal!

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  • punkofnice

    1975? I purchased a motorbike!! I had fun!!

  • cantleave

    Peter Gabriel departs Genesis, and is replaced on lead vocals by drummer Phil Collins

    Yep BIG changes, from one of the greatest Prog Rock bands to a pop group over night!

  • NewYork44M

    I graduated highschool in 1975, which I was told would never happen because of the "big A."

    That was an f'ed up way to have a childhood. It was pounded into me from my earliest memories that god was going to destroy everything, including my friends because they did not believe according to the watchtower.

  • Nickolas

    Hey, shamus. I bought a mess of Tim Horton's stock awhile back at $30, now at $47. I don't eat there a whole lot, though.

    I was "a study" in 1975, pulled the plug in 1976, because of 1975. All the subsequent backpeddling from Brooklyn was bullshit. People were just about pissing their pants with excitement in those days and Brooklyn wasn't saying boo about it but what they were saying was people who were selling their homes and leaving their jobs to go on full time service were to be commended. Tacit recognition that 1975 was going to bring great things followed by weasle words. Disgusting bunch of bastards.

  • thetrueone

    1975 was the second biggest fraud behind 1914 for the WTS., for it was and still is incalculably impossible to correctly and accurately

    date from the existence of Adam 6000 years forward to 1975, either by use of the bible chronology or any other archaeological dating methods .

    It was just a bit of disingenuous lying that was instituted to stir up the blindly devoted to press on with the door to door

    service work. For most part it worked, for these were banner years for the WTS. as pertaining to the organization's literature circulation.

    Those were also the days of a set price placed on to each piece of literature produced by the WTS.

  • shamus100

    Tim Hortons = highly overrated. It's the McDonalds of the 21st century. I'd sell it - the stock is going nowhere fast.

    Sorry to crap on the thread, ATJ, but nothing happened in 1975 other than another failed prophecy that the borg denies ever happened. ;D

  • thetrueone

    Retrospectively 1975 can be seen now as an example of the greed and want of power and money the leaders of the WTS. had in those days,

    as well personifying the inherent corruption which truly created this religious publishing organization, right from its very beginning.

  • BluesBrother

    1975 in the U K...:

    West Ham United won the football (soccer if you prefer) cup final - Derby County won the league - Leeds United just failed to win the European Cup, Manchester United were promoted from what was then called the second Division.

    Led Zeppelin played five shows in London

    The I R A were bombing the U K

    A gallon of petrol cost 0.72p

    Inflation was running at 24%

    Armageddon did NOT come.......Never mind how they try to massage the past, the expectation for that year had run sky-high. Even those of us who were more guarded in our hopes had not expected that it would last much beyond that date "Maybe just a few months or a year , so as to test us out, and our calculations may be a little off" That was how we viewed the cautionary statements about not promising it for that year.

    Today the WTS points to those statements as though they had no part in the expectation and it was all our silly fault..Not So! Supposing the source of all your knowledge, whom you trust implicitly to be directed by God, says to you "It would not be out-of-order, if the end were to come next year"...What would you think??

    Without doubt they misled the flock, and no doubt misled themselves too..The least they could do is admit it.

    Dubs today have either conveniently chosen to forget, or are too young to know - and they are misled too, like the one who made this crummy video.


  • Nickolas

    We shall see, my simian friend.

    That video is an amazing example of someone mind controlled. Thank you.

    I started my book study in late 1974. Best thing about 1975 is I finally finished school and started earning money full time. Second best thing was watching that last minute go by on December 31 and nothing happens. When December came along and people at the Kingdom Hall were starting to look a little queasy (in comparison to the euphoria of the summer meetings) the thing just began to start to stink. People were saying, "well, it could drag out for another few months, but it's gonna happen any day, any day." Before the end of the next year I was out. It was all timing. Had I begun my voluntary indoctrination a year earlier, I might have been more controlled and less disposed to leaving. Had I begun after 1975, the indoctrination method would have been slightly different - ie. without the ripe plum of 1975 being dangled in front of recruits. That's what makes that video so bogus. The guy who made it either wasn't there or is exercising selective reasoning. Despite the mildly tongue-in-cheek of the OP, 1975 WAS a big deal if you were involved with the Watchtower. That the GB weasled its way all the way through and out of it bears no little weight on them having successfully swelled the ranks of Jehovah's Witnesses in record proportions because of its salacious hints about and deliberate pandering to the expectations of 1975.

  • sd-7

    Wow. That was an unsettling video. Loaded language, name-calling, selective quotations (which we already knew anyway, it's just to cover the Society's behind)... Also, if the Society is aware that no human can calculate when the end will come, WHY PRESENT THESE IDEAS IN THE FIRST PLACE? It's abundantly clear from NUMEROUS other WT quotes that they're trying to lead the horse to water and, apparently, not expect it to want a drink.

    Well, whatever...not helping my day. It was a big deal even if nobody sold their homes, because it was an example of gross error, of what happens when you hand the wrong person a calculator and a Bible. And possibly some LSD. Oops, that was labeling...


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