1975 WAS a Big Deal!

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  • AllTimeJeff

    As we all know well, Jehovah's Witnesses taught from the mid '60s that the world would end until 1975. As we all know it is also now 2011. Nuff said.

    But 1975 had a lot of big things happen....

    Wheel of Fortune first went on the air.

    Major Watergate figures were convicted and went to jail.

    The Pittsburgh Steelers won their first Super Bowl

    Charlie Chaplin is knighted by Elizabeth II

    Bill Gates founded Microsoft. (that DID change the world eventually)

    Saturday Night Live first goes on the air

    I got all of the above from Wikipedia. I thought the final entries of that article would be interesting, so I have copied and pasted it for your viewing pleasure. (as it turn out, 1975 was sort of a boring year... it was however the first full year I spent on this earth! Glad I don't remember this boring shit.... ;p )

    Date unknown
  • shamus100

    Fun facts from Canada:

    Seal clubbing was once again legalized.

    Animals in zoos were allowed to be domesticated pets, once again.

    Shooting walruses was only legal if they attacked you first.

    Tim Hortons started and thousands drank the coffee thinking "jeez, this stuff is over-rated".

  • Leolaia
    Peter Gabriel departs Genesis, and is replaced on lead vocals by drummer Phil Collins.

    And things were never the same. Surely a sign of the end.

  • shamus100

    The beaver was appointed as Canada's official symbol. It's true.

    Also, most importantly, the metric system was instituted in Canada much to the anger of my father who still bugs me about this bullshit all these years later, and obstinently tells me the temperature in degrees farenheight instead of what the rest of the world uses, which is celcius. Do I sound bitter about it, YES, I AM BITTER!

    Oh, sorry, one part of the world doesn't use it either. That's Jesus Land, er, um, The United States.

  • shamus100

    Genesis is the worst band in history.

    Leolallilialia, I am terribly disappointed in you.

    I shall forgive you if you have heard Thurston Moore's new album from Sonic Youth fame.

  • Leolaia

    Oh monkey, Leolaia is presently steeped in Warpaint and Joy Formidable sounds. But I'll take a peak at Demolished Thoughts next! :P

  • EntirelyPossible

    Do you like Phil Collins?

  • shamus100

    His new album is just dreamy.

    EP, I'm going to throw rotten cheese at you if you keep this up.

  • Leolaia

    Phil Collins and Peter Cetera are 80's flatulence personified.

  • dogon

    I am old enough to remember "stay alive till 75" although not an official society slogan it was not discouraged either. They never came out and said that the end is 75, as they had learned enough over the years of failed predictions but it was heavily implied. Things like it would be very proper and fitting for the end to come in that time, or all the evidence points to 75 bla bla bal. They as usual borg fashion used weasler slogans so they could back themselves in a corner and then as While E. Coyote did throw an Acme black hole against the wall and slip through it at the last min. I have personal experience on what the 75 date did to people. My wife’s father quit GM and moved to north Michigan to get away from the city as it would collapse, my old partner Carl Kunde did the same thing and sold his farm near Holt MI and moved north to get away from the city’s. So many people I knew moved north in a boom of immigration to the north in the few years leading up to 75. Many with only enough money to get by till 76. When 75 came and went it was hard times and then in 78/79 the last big recession hit and Michigan was hit very hard. As the auto industry collapsed in the early 80s many moved to places like Washington and Texas, Florida to find work. But many still hold on and believe. How many licks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop? Who knows, and who knows how many times it takes to be kicked in the balls with the wrong end of the world dates before one starts to question that maybe their cult of choice is not really the right hand of god.

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