1975 WAS a Big Deal!

by AllTimeJeff 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • thetrueone

    I think its devious and quite disingenuous after the fact post 1975, to say all of these things written in those articles.

    If the supposed dating of 6000 years was not possibly calculable, why did they announce it as matter of aquired fact ?

    Likewise its know now that 1914 was created also deviously and non-biblically from Scripture, why was that date also proclaimed ?

    The easy answer to this was putting forth a date/year brought attention the WTS's literature and to themselves, that they really had

    something that no other religious organization had. When a organization announces " Stay alive until 75 " you know they are

    trying to create a state of fear and anxiety, even if it was falsely constructed.

    The bottom line is the WTS is and always will be a religious publishing house set with an agenda to attract attention to its

    published literature and to the organization itself.

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