Crisis of Conscience - The Movie

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  • No Room For George
    No Room For George
    Where was Sam Herd back in 1980?

    He was one of the extras in Mandingo.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises
    He was one of the extras in Mandingo.

    I had to look up that one.

  • shamus100

    I've officially seen it all on JWN.

    This is bullshit.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Yah, yet another positive post from the man who pretends to be a monkey.

    No, Shamus, this doesn't have to be about a literal movie. People are just speculating on who could play whom if such a movie was made. You know, like having a little fun intereaction. You know, fun? You remember what that is?

  • sizemik

    Edward Norton would have to get an audition . . . he's got the "honest" look . . . and is a very good actor.

  • cedars

    No Room For George - I honestly appreciate your input, and I'm sorry if this thread makes you feel uncomfortable. Ray's thoughts, and those of his dear widow, would obviously need to be taken into consideration. We are talking about a man who declined an interview from Time magazine, would he really want a film made about him? It's a good point. However, I think (only if the idea gained momentum) it would at least be worth running past Cynthia to see what she would say. Don't forget that, if it were a success, a movie like that would work wonders for increasing awareness of the book among witnesses, even if they were banned from watching it.

    Also, I know it's easy for us, as either witnesses or former-witnesses, to assume that such a film would be a success. I agree (to an extent) that most non-witnesses don't give two hoots about JWs. However, it is an intriguing story about a little-known organisation that everyone is familiar with either sub-consciously or otherwise (after all, everyone gets a visit from JWs at some point or other). I think there are elements of the film that, if portrayed correctly, could be deeply compelling. The very fact that a group of men sit in an office in Brooklyn every Wednesday and make decisions that effect the lives of millions on an intimate level is virtually unknown to most, and if skillfully portrayed could add a fascinating element.

    What I'm saying is, it's neither a foregone conclusion that this would end up as a film, nor would it be an easy film to produce, but in the meantime what's the harm in having a bit of banter about who would play who?

    Edward Norton, by the way, is an inspired choice.

    Here is my list of actors who should NOT appear in the film: Ben Affleck, Jackie Chan, Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarznegger, Steven Seagal... (to be updated)

  • trailerfitter

    Ha ha excellent idea!

  • RayPublisher

    @Cedars - Fantastic idea- I am interested in helping and I have done small films before. There is also the scheming and hidden agendas of certain GB members, sympathetic figures such as Swingle. Vignettes of Witnesses being beaten and murdered in Malawi, others having their family destroyed, dying from no blood, no transplants, kids going to jail bc they wouldn't accept alternate service, etc. ...PM me if you can.


    Scene 1a: JW family going door to door walking a street w bookbags circa 1977 (3-5 seconds)

    Scene 2a: GB "backroom" meeting, same time period. Round table bickering and snide looks from Jaracz and Henschel as 2/3 majority cannot be reached on alterrnate service.

    Scene 3a: Young brother being sentenced and led away in handcuffs.

    Scene 4a: African family being rousted out of their home at 3am, father being beaten in front of family, Soldier holding up political party card.

    Scene 1b: Father and young son at door giving friendly, excellent presentation to householder,smiling and sincere.

    Scene 2b: GB meeting continues, break is taken, several whispering off to side outside room about how the rank and file cannot be allowed to decide their own conscience. "Let's get to governing!" quote from Suiter (slightly out of time index but still authentic)

    Scene 3b: Brother in cell writing letter back home talking about how he is rejoicing for being perecuted for righteousness sake.

    Scene 4b: More terror in Malawi.

    Scene 5a: Cut to bribe taking place in Mexico...

    Scene 6a: A Bible study group at Bethel, with Ray and others discovering what the Scriptures really say about Jesus, how all Christians must partake of the emblems. The joy, dampened by whispered worries as how to proceed and is they could perhaps change things and get the Society on the right track.


    on and on and on...

    @NRFG - I hate to say it but you might be right. The last thing we want is to dishonor his legacy and be hateful. That said, I think the audience may be larger than you think- The "Faith and Spirituality" genre is quite popular among Christians, and done correctly, many would eat it up since some churches devote significant portions of their ministering to ones trapped in cults. Can anyone say Passion of the Christ? It wouldn't be that big, but it could go someplace if funding was secured from some of these richer Churches to do it properly. Just my opinion!

  • cedars

    Thanks RayPublisher, consider yourself PM'd!

  • Nabeena

    Ok, I think the movie would be great. Who cares about a LOT of subjects until a movie that is compelling and strong forces it to our consciousness? Lets think of some great movies: Titanic(who cared? It was old news), The Kings Speech? As if anyone but history buffs would even remember he existed! And slumdog millionaire? Who'd a thunk it? Forest Gump? All those legal movies? People love legalistic conflicts.

    And I think Mark Wahlberg could play any part he wanted to. I love watching him and I think he is a funny looking guy unless he is in a movie, then I buy into whatever he is selling. He could sell a WT movie, but I think he would be a good insidious villian. The COC movie could have all of these kind of subtle evil mean guys. You know like the political ones with backstabbing and intrigues. I think it could be great. One just needs to frame it properly.

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