Crisis of Conscience - The Movie

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  • cedars

    I know... how cool would that be??!

    Having just commented on the post by Trailerfitter about the situation with his wife, and how I have personally found the book Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz to be the perfect antidote to the Society's perception of itself as being God's earthly organisation, the thought occurred to me: what if there was a MOVIE about Ray Franz and his life? Obviously the Society would be in uproar, and letters would be read out to all congregations all over the world not to go and see it, but just imagine! Even the most hardened witness would atleast be tempted to sneak a peak and see what all the fuss was about.

    The film would cover the period in his life from when he was serving in the Dominican Republic right through to his death, and Cynthia would be consulted on all aspects of the film, including whether a film should me made at all. I personally think the man is a legend, and his courageous stand would inspire millions, as indeed it already is doing.

    So far I can see Matt Damon in the role of Ray Franz, any other ideas for supporting cast? Obviously Patrick Stewart would play Milton Henschel.

    Does anybody fancy co-authoring the screenplay?

  • Terry

    I know the actor for the role!! Kevin Bacon.

  • cedars

    I always think of Mr Bacon as looking a bit evil. Damon would definitely be my choice and is extremely versatile, he even has similar eyes, don't you think?

  • cedars

    My wife also suggests Tom Hanks as Ray, maybe he would be my number 2 choice. Or maybe Hanks could play Fred Franz? Hmmm.

    Mrs cedars has also thrown up Mark Wahlberg's name, to which I retorted "but he's too street!" Mind you, there is a resemblance...

    Mark Wahlberg

    Still no offers for my screenplay co-writer?!

  • 00DAD

    Who would play the other members of the GB?

  • JimmyPage

    This is a great thread... and a great idea. Anybody here have connections to the motion picture industry? Okay let me go scour some casting ideas of my own...

  • cedars

    So far I've got Hanks down to play Fred Franz, and Patrick Stewart to play Henschel, but I'm always open to suggestions for these or other roles.

    I can see a fascinating dynamic unravelling between the "old school" of Uncle Fred, wanting to keep things going from old times, and the younger more merciful and forward-thinking Ray, who struggles to grasp the backward and self-preservational thinking of his peers.

    Obviously I wouldn't expect an "all star cast", but it would be fantastic to get some accomplished actors to play the main roles, and its fun to think who would play who, even if it never happens.

    I've never written a screenplay before, but I enjoy writing and I will be ordering the book shortly (I've already read it online but I plan to buy a hardcopy, partly to support Ray's widow), so I can always begin the process of gathering material etc and see where it leads. I do think a film would be an extremely potent way of increasing awareness of both the book and the man among witnesses. Most witnesses, to my knowledge, don't know about it at all, or what they have heard is just rumour with a negative spin on it.


    Mr.Bean could play Fred Franz..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • 00DAD

    Who would wear a tie with a flannel shirt. Now THAT should be a disfellowshipping offense!

  • 00DAD

    If it ever were made into a movie, you can be sure there would be a WT Study Article forbidding "the faithful" from watching it.

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