Crisis of Conscience - The Movie

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  • Gayle

    It would be very difficult for a movie,,too boring for the public. Fred Franz, social nerd, a strong voice for a small man. Even at Bethel, a bore. Just liked very figurative parts of the Bible and could make a big boring book out of it. Ray Franz was not charismatic, was a humble, quiet man, but provably honest, a natural researcher. No direct murders, no big financial disputes (at least not back then yet). "The Firm" movie style could fit, at least like Ray rounding up some records of evidence of their lies, but what else? But the control part of "The Firm" and "THE Organization" is the same.

  • 00DAD

    The reference to "The Firm" got me thinking. How ironic would it be for Tom Cruise, an out-spoken Scientologist, to play a part in a movie about JWs!

  • cedars

    Gayle - I agree that it would be a challenge to turn it into a screenplay that people could understand or relate to, but your "Firm" concept fits my idea, and I think you could run further with that than you suggest. I was actually thinking about how you would make it into a compelling film, but when you think about it hard enough, all of the elements are there. For example - how shocking do you think it would be for outsiders to see the portrayal of a group of men sat in a brooklyn office holding weekly meetings where they discuss intimate aspects about people's lives, i.e. stance on oral sex, homosexual adultery etc - the decisions of which impact on millions. There is also the power struggle where Knorr tries to cling on to absolute control but loses due to a series of events. I agree that Franz was a quiet and humble man, but I think an actor like Damon could portray these qualities in a way that is engaging.

    You also have Franz's friend (can't think of his name now) who ferries people to and from the airport, and the truth is his life. Franz befriends him and they begin to have conversations together that contradict the society's teachings, however his friend is among those embroiled in the witch hunt and thrown out of the organisation while Franz is on his leave of absence. There's the undercover intrigue of the witch hunt itself, and the absurd way in which he was disfellowshipped for eating a meal with a disassociated person. The "riches to rags" story of moving from a plush bethel suite into a caravan on someone's land and doing manual labour in his 60s. You could bring things forward to the writing of the book and a form of reconciliation with the lies he was helping to spread while in the governing body, and the putting right of those wrongs (to an extent) with his book.

    I'm not saying it would be easy, and it would require ALOT of thought and work. But just imagine the impact it would have it was ever made, and became a popular if controversial movie...

  • jaffacake

    I,ve been away from JW discussion for some time. When did Ray Franz die? Sad news for me to hear

  • JimmyPage

    Hey if a movie like "Worlds Apart" could get made, then why not this?

    Kyria's book and Tony Dushane's book would make great movies as well.

    Of course it would probably be a hard sell cuz like Outlaw says, "No one outside of JWs gives a shit about JWs".

  • Nathan Natas
  • agonus

    Ian "Emperor Palpatine" McDiarmid for elderly Fred "Emperor Dub" Franz.

    I've expressed before my desire to see a film based on "Judging Jehovah's Witnesses". Would be great for folks both on the inside and on the outside.

  • talesin

    nn ...

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    For some reason, I get the feeling Ray Franz wouldn't want a film like this made. I was just a kid when all of that mess went down at Bethel, but everything I've read from him, and about him, leaves me under the impression, I don't think he'd be open to a film like this being made. I don't mean to come into this thread and start any trouble, please forgive me if that's the way this comes off, but even discussing this subject makes me cringe slightly because it gives some credence to WT Apologists who believe that WT Detractors worship Ray Franz. A couple have even cynically called this message board the church of Ray Franz.

    Another thing, hypothetically speaking, a movie like that wouldn't be a success, not even on an independent level. Granted I may be underestimating how many people this organization has damaged, or how many may be questioning this organization and may be willing to watch such a film. However I think the man's story is only legendary on a marginal level. Most people could care less about Jehovah's Witnesses, and even less about former Jehovah's Witnesses, and that includes even the man who had enough courage to expose this corrupt organization. While its a good thought about a remarkable man, its potential its limited in fantasy only.

    edit post: Kevin Bacon would nail Ray Franz, and Ian McKellen would nail Freddy. Personally I'd like to play Sam Herd.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Where was Sam Herd back in 1980?

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