Lots of Noise About the 'Quiet Beatle'

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  • leavingwt

    Sinatra referred to 'Something' as the "greatest love song ever written" and it's not a bad choice. The upcoming focus on George includes an exhibit in LA next month, a Scorcese film and a book by Harrison's widow. Besides 'Something', my favorite Beatles' songs by Harrison would be: Here Comes the Sun, While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Taxman.

    George Harrison's Life Unfolds in Exhibit, Film, Book

    Beginning Oct. 11, the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles will display George Harrison: Living in the Material World, the first major museum retrospective of the late musician's life and career. The exhibit corresponds with two other projects of the same name: a Martin Scorsese-directed documentary, which HBO will run in two parts Oct. 5-6, and a book from Harrison's widow, Olivia, out Sept. 27. Harrison also is the subject of a new Rolling Stone cover story.

    Scorsese and Olivia Harrison uncovered so much during the five-year process of making the documentary that "it seemed a shame not to share that," she says. "There was just too much material that Marty didn't use — ephemera, letters. It lent itself to a pictorial arc of George's life."

    Grammy Museum executive director Bob Santelli says the exhibit will illustrate the complexity of the late Beatle from both professional and personal perspectives.

    "This was a man who was intensely spiritual," Santelli says. "But as kind and gentle as he was with gardening and the natural world, he was ferociously competitive with Formula One race cars. There's this wide cross-section of George Harrison surprises that we put in the exhibit for people to see up close and personal."

    Many of the artifacts have not left Friar Park, Harrison's home in Henley-on-Thames, England, since he died from lung cancer in November 2001 at 58. The exhibit will feature the guitars he played on Beatles and solo recordings (including his Gretsch Duo Jet), as well as stage costumes (suits worn at Shea Stadium and the Concert for Bangladesh), handwritten lyrics to unheard songs, photographs, letters and journals.

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  • cantleave

    George was my favourite Beatle. Not as creative as John or Paul, but a better drummer than Ringo

  • Dagney

    Wow, thanks for posting. I was just there last week and they have a Lennon exhibit with quite a few artifacts. My favorite were the notes where he wrote the lyrics of some of his songs, especially "Imagine."

    It's a very cool museum with lot's of interactive exhibits...music mixing booths, instruments etc.

  • james_woods

    Did that guy Santelli REALLY mean Formula One - REAL Formula One?

    I could believe some amatuer series - but Formula One???

    I put the quote onto the F1 racing forum on FerrariChat to see if anybody knows anything about this.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I adored George Harrison. He was cool in a very different way. I stayed up all night in front of Madison Square Garden to get tickets to both performances of Bangladesh. I have two cute stories from the awesome concert, the best of my life even after decades. Lennon performed a concert in Ny with other famous stars. He was slated last. Angela..... was singing her mega hit. The crowd turned ugly and started pounding their feet and screaming "Off the stage. We want John." It was awful-though I agreed with their sentiments. Beofre Bangladesh started, Geore appeared in street clothes. We went out of her minds to see George in living flesh. He announced that Ravi Shankar was going to perform. If we did not show Ravi complete respect, he was under no contractual obligation to perform and would walk out.We behaved completely.

    After Ravi ended, after an eternity, the band started. Ringo was surrounded by equipment. He started singing but the crowd could not see him. The crowd chanted "We want to see Ringo." endlessly, louder and louder. Fifteen minutes later, he emerged center stage to sing where he could be seen. He was so delighted. I've never seen more than happy. His feet were not on the ground.

    The wife swapping with George and Ringo always intruiged me. Ringo was devestated when he found out. Yet Geo. and he remained so tight. His body language with George was always relaxed and loving. Paul-Ringo tolerates him. They are close but not like Geo. and Ringo. John always seemed closed to Ringo.

    The Concert for George is my all-time favorite DVD. Dhani looks so much like George.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    My Favorite George Song is Long Long Long......

    Even if it is about God......

    I replace the God with Woman topic.......

    I like to think he was singing about Patti

    Eric that DOG! LOL


  • Dagney
  • unshackled

    Always liked this little gem from the 80s...


  • james_woods

    The guys on FChat say that he was a big F1 enthusiast, being friends with both James Hunt and Emerson Fittipaldi. He also owned a McLaren F1 and a Ferrari Dino, among other exotic cars.

    Of course, the notion that he was a Formula One driver is a mis-statement.

  • leavingwt

    james: This was news to me, too.

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