Lots of Noise About the 'Quiet Beatle'

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  • Terry

    Sidebar: have you ever read about the man who broke into Harrison's home and started stabbing him. His wife had to pick up a lamp and start beating the guy with it to make him stop. Strange story.

    The night George Harrison thought he was dying | UK news | The ...

    www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2000/nov/15/stevenmorris - Cached

    Nov 15, 2000 – Former Beatle George Harrison thought he had been fatally wounded by a ... He was on top of me and stabbing down at my upper body." ...

    ...and the follow up article:

    Verdict on Abram Last week, Michael Abram of Woodfall Heights was formally found not guilty of the attempted murder of former Beatle George Harrison and his wife Olivia, by reason of insanity. The Judge ordered that Abram, a 34 year old father of two, be detailed at a secure hospital indefinitely. After his 2 day trial, Abram was taken to The Scott Clinic in St Helens for treatment.

    Lynda Abram, the mother of Michael, gave an exclusive interview to the Liverpool Echo for which neither she nor any member of her family received any payment. In this interview she told of the background leading up to the incident. Mrs Abram was very emotional when she revealed how Michael thought that George Harrison was a "sorcerer and a witch". She stated that it was a mixture of drug abuse and mental illness that led her son to go to the Harrison's home and stab him. Lynda said "she hopes that George and his family do know exactly what has gone on for Michael to become the way he was, and that George can find it in his heart to forgive him". "Michael was so very ill when he did that terrible thing". His mother added that her son had a normal childhood. "Growing up he was into all the same things as the other boys". He left St Columbias RC Comprehensive school with three O Levels and started work with computers. At this time he and his girlfriend had their first child and soon after their second child arrived. Michael flirted with cannabis and then began to take heroin. He very quickly became addicted. His mother said, "Michael thought he could control it, but it was only a matter of time before he was hooked and it controlled him. Drugs destroy the whole family". She claims doctors misdiagnosed her son and failed him during his nine year ordeal of mounting mental illness from 1990.

    Michael had a rift with his girlfriend and moved into his own flat. After this, his mother began to be concerned about his mental state. He became obsessed with music. Oasis released Wonderwall and Michael believed they had written it directly to him. He came off Heroin and started using Methadone and his mother said he was convinced he was "on a mission". He said, "it was too late for his generation, but not for the children. It was his task to save the children from drugs and witchcraft". He used to walk into town and stand in front of HMV records singing at the top of his voice. He purchased some headphones and played music on a Walkman because it stopped the voices coming through.

    Michael borrowed tapes from his mother, became obsessed with The Beatles and started asking questions about their lives. She added "it seemed unimportant t the time but then he started saying Paul McCartney was a witch and it was Paul he focussed on. I told him the Beatles words are beautiful and the songs are lovely but not to read too much into them. He became totally obsessed with them and would get up at 7am and walk the length and breadth of Liverpool listening to music". She added "Michael has a good, loving family, but things went horribly wrong and it is very sad that it had to come to this to get help".

    Health bosses in Merseyside have apologised for failing to help Michael before the incident. Michael was schizophrenic. Whiston Hospital Chiefs where Michael was receiving treatment for his illness have admitted the hospital did not do enough. A month before the attack, Abram spent two seeks in Whiston's psychiatric ward. He was discharged for assaulting a nurse. Ken Sanderson, the Chief Executive of St Helens and Knowsley Hospitals NHS Trust said that "procedures for mental health patients have been reviewed since the attack, and until we study the judges comments in relation to this case, we don't want to make comment". "Lessons have already been learned and we are sorry for the distress that has been caused to all the families involved in this incident. We offer our due sympathies".

    Georges son, Dhani, aged 22 said "Abram was only acquitted by a loophole in the law. We shall never forget he was full of hatred and violence when he came into our home".

    Abram will only be released from the medium secure unit by a tribunal. Abram's mother said, "It is likely to be around 10 months before a hearing to decide if he is well enough to be released. He is so much better and is finally getting the treatment we have been asking for for years."

    Dhani Harrison said, "The prospect of him being released back into society is abhorrent to us. We hope the authorities will act with the utmost responsibility in avoiding it in the future and allow us to be consulted before reaching a conclusion".

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It was news to me and I am registered at his official Web site, Paul's site, Beatles in general, and unofficial sites.

    Thanks. I pray it comes to NY. The Metropolitan Museum of Art plastered all these large signs about Ringo's golden drum the last time I was there. My friend and I dropped all our plans and sought out Ringo's golden drum. We climbed stairs, descended stairs, twisted around corridors. Finally, we ended up in music instruments, galleries I never visted. It was just a little dinky brass drum he used a long time ago. Maybe for two weeks. Other fans were making the trek, too. It was comical.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Beatles Forever! Never in a million years did I ever think that at age 60 full feature films by Academy Award winning directors and major museum exhibits would abound. When he died, ABC News showed clips of George worrying during Beatlemania that he could save enough money to open a small business in Liverpoool. His face was so earnest!

  • straightshooter

    George Harrison was my favorite Beatles member. I love his ridiculous song, "Piggies".

  • Robdar

    Terri, wasn't it because of that incident that they discovered Harrison's lung cancer that eventually killed him?

    I loved George and cannot wait to see the movie.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    George was a Krishna Witness, a captive of a concept as well. His music was lovely and some of my favorites. When you listen to his love songs they are mostly sung to "Krisha". Living in the Material World is one of the most preachy albums there is. We don't hear it as clearly because of our Judeo/Christian leanings but its there. Sometimes it gets in the way. At least 35 percent of his songs are fantastic. The rest are either maudlin or hyper religious and a turn off for me. I loved the public persona of George but really don't know the guy. I think "Looking for My Life" is inspired. It's on the last album he released. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBov2x9L3UQ

  • leavingwt

    Wasanelder Once:

    Looking for My Life -- What a nice song. I wasn't familiar with it, previously. Thank you.

  • strymeckirules

    "The Inner Light" and "Within you Without you" - awesome time signitures.

    did micheal abrams really get released? hard to find news about it on google past 2005...

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Tom Petty sent Geo. a telegram about the stabbibg that said something along the lines that he must be glad he married a hot Mexican woman!

    The stabbing incident made him very relcusive. The animal was sent to minimal time and mental treatment. Beatles fans should have been able to sue him for damages to our damaged deity.

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