At the age of 48 I just graduated with my BA degree from college and I am on top of the world

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  • booker-t

    I thought I would never get my college degree from a University in this century at the age of 48 but I did it and graduated with an "A-" average. I did this all the while working a full time job and going to school full time. It can be done and now I love school to death. I enrolled in the Masters program and now I am working on my MA degree which I will receive when I turn 50. Life is so great and my advice to all ex-jw's that just cannot let it go with what the WT society did to you is move on. I know many people might throw stones at me but I was so angry when I left the JW's that I sat around for 20 years going to ex-jws potluck, listening to anything ex-jw's but I just got tired of hearing the same old song. Move on before you wake up and you will be elderly and realized you let life go by you complaining about JW's. Don't give them that much power over you. I stopped going to ex-jw's functions about a year ago and I don't miss them at all. All they did was talk about the big bad WT society. At first you need to be around fellow understanding people that went through it but after awhile people start getting tired of hearing the same old song. And I noticed that at those ex-jw's functions the ex witnesses were still so angry after years of being out and I told myself I will not let myself become bitter it is like a slow death. Be happy and have fun.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Congratulations on your degree, booker-t.

    That's A-W-E-S-O-M-E

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  • Nickolas

    Congratulations. It's a wonderful feeling. And you're 100% on the money.

  • NewChapter

    Congratulations! I'm going to be 46 and I'm still working on mine, but I love school too! Wow, a masters now---I don't know how far I'll go, but I'm pretty impressed here. Let us know when you finish that!


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    What a stunning accomplishment. I am returning to college for some supp. courses. It is very different after working as an adult.

    I agree with you about ex-JW culture. Altho I feel I've done much with my life, I still feel the pain so much, even after decades. I've noticed that this site is not all complaining. People like you post about your accomplishments or adventures. The political threads are strong, as are music threads. We have every right to feel rage. I also feel their is self-hatred for falling for a cult even tho anyone can be a victim.

    I always say the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. right now I wish I could truly say I was indifferent. for instance, I want to stay in casual touch with this forum. Yet I find myself here every day. I could be doing so many pressing and enjoyable things.

  • darthfader

    Congratulations! It's an accomplishment!

    good luck!

  • Robdar

    Well stated, Band on the Run.

    Well done, Booker-T. Congrats!

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    What you wrote is very true about moving on, I know that has to be my next move.

    Congratulations degree!


  • AudeSapere

    Big Congrats~!!


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