"Noooooo!" George Lucas alters Star Wars yet again...

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  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    I hated seeing Vader look like that Dumbass Stupid Monster Frankenstein!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo

    even the cheap rip off of Vader Breaking his restrances.......

    I expected The Emperor to yell.......

    IT"S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    "Fear is the power of the dark side" - You're right Apostate Yoda.

  • AGuest

    Wowza... all these Jedi fans - who'da thunk it?? (Peace to you all!) I was just telling my daughter the other day that I wish they'd do a remake (us oldies can keep our versions) so that the kids TODAY will have a clue. Or at least another sequel or sumthin' (like Star Trek did, although they took us back, which Lucas and Co. had already done). But the series is epic, yes, and it would be a shame if it goes the way of, say, Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, West Side Story, etc. (meaning, pretty much appealing only to the generation they were made for... and perhaps one or two after that...).

    Peace... and may the Force be with you all!

    A slave of the Ultimate Jedi Warrior,

    SA, on her own...

  • Berengaria

    Oh Shelby!! I went to Star Wars at my male cousins request, determined to dislike it. I loved it!!! When ESB came out, I stood in line for hours, ended up seeing it about 20 times in the first month, including my wedding night. I slept on the sidewalk for the Return of the Jedi. A bit disappointing. But I stopped watching the new ones after Jar Jars first appearance. I mean the Ewoks were bad enough.............. Whatever the magic was, it's gone now.

  • AGuest
    Whatever the magic was, it's gone now.

    NOOooooo! Say it ain't SO, dear Beks (the greatest of love and peace to you, girl!). Or at least say it ain't SO gone that some of the young brains out there today can't bring it back. LOLOLOL! But I do know what you mean... sigh...

    Hey, whad'ya folks think about 'bout Ryan Reynolds as the new "Hans Solo"-ish guy? And... ummmm... James Franco as new Luke Skywalker-ish... no, wait... JUSTIN BIEBER (he already has the haircut!!). Who would YOU cast... and would it be the same crew or some new Jedi folks?


    SA, on her own... who thought the last "Star Trek" was off the chain... and was SO over the moon that O'Hura had a little sumpin', sumpin' goin' on with Spock, who was ALWAYS so much sexier than Kirk ever was...

  • unshackled

    Ah Shelby....yet another thread of mine you were left hanging on. Until now at least. Let's see...Ryan Reynolds as Solo, I could see that. Not sure about Franco for Luke though...BUT he would have made the best young Anakin in the prequels. He has a menacing look that Hayden Christiansan just didn't pull off. And no no no, hell no...not that Bieber freak anywhere near Star Wars.

    As for that new Star Trek...just seen that the other day. Thought it was great...better than I thought. O'Hura was down right O'Luring.

    Anyone watched the Blu-Ray Star Wars yet? What did you think? THink I seen Low Key (Breck) mention on FB there were great. Maybe, just maybe, I'll pick them up this weekend. Wife is away until Sunday.....star wars fest.

  • unshackled
    I expected The Emperor to yell.......IT"S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Charlie....that scene was definitely a nod to the Frankenstein classic. But so poorly done. Following that weasly "noooo..." I can only imagine having Gene Wilder followup with the "it's alive"...


    Or better yet....


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