"Noooooo!" George Lucas alters Star Wars yet again...

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  • agonus

    LOL @ Lore

  • straightshooter

    Why buy a new car if there was no changes? Why buy a new Star Wars until there was changes? He fixed some flaws and switch back Joda to the demands of the public. I think what he did was a good thing.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    It could be WORSE......

    Vader could Scream.........

  • agonus

    Well, it's either this or a NEW Lucas-helmed Star Wars flick. Lady or the Tiger...

  • unshackled

    I think the 'KHAAAAN' might be better Charlie.

    Agonus, agreed not all the changes were bad. The enhancements to the visual effects were good. The 'Yub Nub' song was painful...glad that was changed. But the character changes are bad...Han not shooting first, and now this.

  • shamus100
  • agonus

    Hooo-weee, monkey, that put the "shat" in Shatner all righty!

  • sd-7

    Well, it probably doesn't make sense for Vader to say anything when he tosses the Emperor over the railing. I always thought that was more appropriate for Vader--because he's very brooding in 'Return of the Jedi', he really doesn't have that much to say compared to Episodes IV and V. I felt like it was a reflection of the emotional churning going on inside this person who's been buried under so much hate, guilt, and loss. I mean, I can see the symmetry between that and Episode III, where he is choosing to save Luke/the Jedi as opposed to siding with the Emperor. But if he didn't say that the first time, it doesn't really seem to me like it was Lucas' original intention to have him say that. He DID co-write the script, after all, for 'Return of the Jedi'.

    Also LOL @ Lore--great choice. Wish I'd thought of that one. And that "KHAAAAAAAAN!" is one of the most classic moments in any movie, ever. I laughed my behind off on that one. Khan quoting 'Moby Dick' at the end was also timeless--though since I read more Awakes than actual literature, I didn't know he was quoting 'Moby Dick' until like, a month or two ago...still haven't read that.

    Also, I actually didn't mind the 'Yub Nub' song, but the replacement was a heck of a lot better. I also don't mind the ghost of Hayden Christensen. I mean, at least he doesn't have to do any acting. It's actually better that he's just standing there. And it doesn't really make sense to have an older person there because that's not the Anakin Skywalker that Vader could ever choose to be, as he has no concept of what he would look like at 46 years old. I mean, sure the Force could fill in the blanks, but Sebastian Shaw is just TOO old for that.

    And as for Han shooting first? I actually thought that made more sense for that scene and gave it some punch that it just doesn't have if Greedo shoots first. I thought it was pretty cool that Han shoots him out of nowhere like that in the original--the bigger problem with the changes to me is that it looks more like an exchange of fire, whereas I think it works better if Han just gets the drop on him because he thinks Greedo's going to kill him. If you watch it in slow motion, it looks like Han shoots him like 3 or 4 times! Classic. But then it's subject to the story, too--Greedo clearly wasn't sent to kill Han, but just to scare him. If he'd been sent to kill Han, Jabba would've just finished him off at Docking Bay 94. Letting Greedo shoot first just gives that possible explanation some credence.


  • unshackled

    Shamus, the acting in that clip is CBC worthy.

    I'd rather see Lucas spend his energy touching up this scene...


  • shamus100

    In that fight scene, were they having sex at one point? It looked kinda romantic. ;D

    I'm glad the paper mache rock didn't hit him. :D

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