"Noooooo!" George Lucas alters Star Wars yet again...

by unshackled 36 Replies latest jw friends

  • agonus

    Old Yoda Ghost + Old Ben Ghost + Old Anakin Ghost = WIN

    Old Yoda Ghost + Old Ben Ghost + Young Anakin Ghost = FAIL

    Just my take, but then I'm only a quasi-fanboi...

  • Leolaia

    Doesn't matter to me. There are so many versions I can mix and match and take out scenes and add deleted scenes to make my own edit. I did that with Napoleon Dynamite and I'm happy with the result.

  • Ding

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing..."

  • agonus

    Hokey sci-fi films and ancient workprints are no substitute for a good MacBook with FCP by your side...

  • agonus

    George could take a lesson from Ridley when it comes to "improving" your seminal sci-fi work. I imagine Solo/Deckard would agree with me on this one.

  • unshackled

    "These aren't the alterations we're looking for. You can go about your business. Move along..."

  • sd-7

    Guess even I have to admit the saga has had more alterations than the Caamas Document... But I feel a rhyme or two comin' on...

    Nothing but jeering from ysalamiri

    Can't believe the [bleep] that I am hearing

    Force bubbles, causing you Force trouble

    While Lucasfilm shoots Blu-ray triple-doubles

    Flashbacks, lookin' for old glory

    Criticizing a man for changing his own stories

    HD just means they're hating

    And I'm waiting for time-displacing

    Hyperspace jump 2 weeks ahead

    Give me a Blu-ray combo pack instead

    One to six, it's back on Netflix

    And they reckless but can't upset this

    Lord of the Rings ain't lord of nothing

    It's Blu-ray competition from the Star Wars kings--

    From Hoth to Endor

    Head to the nearest vendor

    Like it on Facebook,

    Send it to all mentors

    Or, uh, tweet about it

    And call the Rebel fleet about it

    Wrap it in a gift box, get so sweet about it

    'Oh won't you be my

    Blu-ray Valentine?

    'Cause Star Wars is a love

    That lasts through all time!'

    I'm a Star Destroyer

    That blasts through all rhymes

    Planetary invasion

    Of imaginary persuasion

    From the Skywalker Ranch

    To the hands of all nations

    'The Star Wars Saga

    In High Definition'

    Is about to be the name

    Of my next religion

    I said I'm VADA, baby

    And I'ma need you to know

    I'm a Jedi hater, baby

    So I'm a need you to go

    Give it to me

    Give me HD, that fleet, that Force, that saber stuff

    On Blu-ray please

    I'm the best of the best

    And about to become spectacular


  • sd-7

    Did I take it too far? I can never tell! HA HAAA!


  • unshackled

    Hell no sd...that was great. Adding in a Jar Jar line would've been taking it too far. I'm a white guy so ain't got no rhythm, what tune do you suggest I sing/rap it to? Wait…let me rephrase: as a white guy which Dave Matthews song should I sing it to?

    Here's a good change on Phantom Menace...replaced the puppet Yoda with CGI Yoda...


  • spanteach

    Forgive me, I'm about to completely dork out and show my nerdy nature....

    I get why Lucas felt the need to make that change to Return of the Jedi. At least it would show some continuity with Vader's feelings and now he wasn't about to let the Emperor rob him of another family member. But I remember trying to desperately keep from laughing when I saw Revenge of the Sith and he yelled "noooooooooo." Really, Vader? Really??? You're about to become the 2nd biggest bad-ass in the Empire and that's all ya got?

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