WT: "Don't watch news items featuring witnesses!"

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  • Tuber
  • ziddina

    Good thread, Tuber!

    Much more relevant than chicken - er, dragon suits...

  • WontLeave

    Keep track of this definition for "apostates":

    They'll deny they ever said this, even though it's how they believe they use it. An "apostate" is one who leaves any religion (true or false), but JWs use it in a pejorative way, to incite an emotional response. This way, if any rejection of true worship can be demonstrated, the JWs have painted themselves into a corner, admitting apostasy. Rejecting YHWH's Passover for the day before (Nisan 14) comes to mind. JWs openly reject the commonly-accepted day (Nisan 15, which is Scripturally accurate), despite thousands of years of it being correctly celebrated.

  • cedars

    WontLeave - you make a good point, which is that the language employed by the Society to describe apostates (particularly in the English simplified edition, or "Watchtower for dummies") is easily applicable to them in any of the many cases where it can be proven objectively that they have deviated from the scriptures.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    didnt they just have an article on how they dont list things to avoid? how they rely on their bible based consious?

  • Intel

    Folks, lets do a simple mental test -

    This is an order, starting from now: "Don't think about pink elephants"

    99,99% did what? Thinking of what.......? You guessed it.

    Is this website prepared for a surge of new members...?? After THAT study article, it should.....

  • punkofnice

    Hopefully most of the normal Jws will nap blissfully thru' this hate crime.

    It's probably only the uber-spiritual zealots that'll have a nervous breakdown over it.

    I wonder what Mrs Punk now makes of it? Here I am an out and out 'apostate' going to a Baptist Church yet living a normal life.

    When I was 'in' this stuff just went in one ear and out the other. Perhaps that's why I'm here!!

  • cedars

    Intel - I wish it were as simple as that, and that the majority will do precisely the opposite of what they've been told, but in my humble experience it doesn't work that way. I think like Punk said, either people will ignore it or react very strongly to it, doubling their suspicion towards any who might be "mentally diseased apostates", in their family or elsewhere.

  • Intel

    Cedars, I think you are right (this has been my experience as well), but the constant mentioning of "apostates" "the Internet" "blahblahblah" will awake curiosity with some members of the congo...I know that when I was fading, some had disturbing need to constantly talk about "apostates" and would approach me to ask questions and how it is to be one (I was almost out of the closet, some close "friends" knew about my viewpoints, before I pulled the cord).....I think that topics like this one "awake" the idea of "there is something forbidden out there".....it won't work with ALL members, but the ones that need to awake could start looking for stuff....

  • cedars

    Intel - yes I see your point. The blatant paranoia is bound to stir atleast some to the realisation that the Society must be hiding something.

    I had a similar experience when I first joined a congregation and was approached by the PO (as they were called way back then!) who told me that I needed to be careful about gossip that was being spread about him among the brothers, and to report back if I heard anything negative being said about him. This was almost the first thing he had to say to me by way of an introduction to the congregation! I was bemused to say the least, but sure enough, it turned out that many brothers in the congregation couldn't stand the guy because he was basically a bully and a tyrant. The bemusement and curiosity with which I reacted to this individual might be reflected in the way some react to this article, leading them to see for themselves what all the fuss is about.

    We can only hope.

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