WT: "Don't watch news items featuring witnesses!"

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    Clearly, apostates do not have our best interests at heart.

    "Say Good-Bye to your Brain!"

    "Feed the WatchTower Money Pig!"


    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • WTWizard

    Dried up wells? Better than a well full of poison--which is what you will find in a washtowel.

    If they can't watch news items featuring witlesses, then why bother watching the news at all? Yes, the lamestream news is corrupt. Yes, they do tell lies. But the lies are to protect the Establishment, with the banking system. The witlesses are not a threat to the banking system, so the news usually has no incentive to twist things around to protect anything. Hence, with the witlesses, I am inclined to believe that the news media has it right--as far as they go. Now, when it comes to political or economic stories, that's a different ballgame because they do have something at stake.

    The Internet does a pretty good job at exposing things. While that isn't perfect either (people have imperfect information or are swayed by media scams), when it comes to the Washtowel, it is pretty much on target. And, when I find that most of what I see online about the religion agrees with most of what appears on TV and is common sense, I would give them a decent score on reporting about the religion with only demerit points for not going far enough.

    Counterfeit words? What is "pioneering"? The witlesses use that term to denote simply spending most of your time doing the activity. The real meaning denotes preparing the way for others to follow. You cannot do that by aimlessly wandering around the same territory that has been worked for 50 years or more. And "a generation"? Right in their own Bible, Jesus made it clear that "THIS" generation would not pass away before these things occurred. He was speaking in the present sense, meaning that the people he was speaking to would not pass away. Do they need to be any more clear than that? The generation was those people that were alive to hear that speech (in 33 AD), and those things came to pass in 70 AD. Why do they need to make it so complicated by tacking generations together like Christmas light strings?

  • cedars

    WTWizard - that's probably the most coherent and reasoned explanation of the "generation" scripture I've ever heard, I may use that if you don't mind! Good for you.

  • garyneal

    I wonder what Mormons are thinking when they watch former Mormons in the news speaking out against their old religion?

    I wonder what Scientologists are thinking when they watch former Scientologist in the news speaking out against their old religion?

    I wonder what Catholics are thinking when they watch news articles interviewing former (or perhaps active) Catholics speaking out against the preists and the clergy of their old (current) religion?

    I wonder what Independent Fundamental Baptist church members are thinking when they watch the 20/20 special interviewing former members speaking out against their old religion?

    An apostate is someone who leaves their religion.

    Former Mormons are apostates.

    Former Scientologists are apostates.

    Former Catholics (like my littlest daughter's babysitter) are apostates.

    Former Independent Fundamental Baptists (like me) are apostates.

    I AM AN APOSTATE! (and d**m proud of it).

  • discreetslave

    just as a clever forger tries to pass phony documents, so apostates use "counterfeit words," or false arguments, trying to pass their fabricated views as if they were true

    They said this to get people to doubt the paper trail evidence against them.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Does anyone know what percentage of JWs graduate to apostasy? The mind control always freaks me out. It seems to me that with the passage of time, the WTBTS is more dictatorial than when I was young.

    I read a bit of English history, esp. during Tudor times when the Church of England and Protestant churches formed. Henry VIII demanded all submit to him and executed those who did not. It is amazing to read in the midst of all these persecution, including beheadings and death by the fire stake, that so many court ladies and lords translated the Bible themselves, taiught it to their servants, and circulated their work. Protestant literature was all over the place. Those who oppose the WT are very similar to the translators of the first English Bible.

  • Silent_Scream

    It has been said "The way to control people is to control information." It's very true in the JW org. Thats why on Bible study sessions, people are usually excited to learn and see things in their Bible they've never seen before! So much information is held back. Unlike the Bible, which exposes David's and even the entire nation of Israel's sins, JW's hide theirs and try not to show true colors until a person is "strong" in the "truth". They are even reluctant to talk about "deep Bible truths"(aka nonsense) until a person is advanced, because certain beliefs are foolish stretches (like Apostle John prophesying about convention talks by Rutherford).

    I remember giving a Bible student a WT Lib CD, and how the friends reacted. How the elders reacted! How much more so when I showed elders the changes WT Lib made over the hard copies, so these are the watered down articles anyway!

    What's to hide? (We know of course), but the average JW who KNOWS this is the truth would still feel strongly against that. For what? How can a person searching for truth not be able to get the whole truth? Bible studies are simple fraud sessions to suck people in, and even strong JW's know that.

    Bonus part is, Bible studies sets up parts like in an upcoming watchtower about listening to apostates. Instead of actually addressing anything frankly and honestly, AGAIN!, they instead skirt around issues and appeal to emotion with such phrases as "How did you feel when first learning the important truths of God's word?" Then they dismiss everything else as minor matters, and try to get feelings involved. Bible studies are to blame...

  • ziddina

    Bumpin' this great thread...

    Hope someone sees it and keeps it going, 'cuz it's 1:30 a.m. here...

  • trailerfitter

    Cedars,...thank you for that warning. I hope this is in a series of further warnings. This sort of attitude is from the WTBTS is very effective.

    When I first started having regular contact with the JWs though the wifes bible class I started to investigate the organisation digging up anything I could find. Eventually I found a BBC article on a Peadofile in the KH via the internet. You know the stories so I won't go into it. I asked the BS teacher what she thought of it. She was shocked and honestly didn't know this sort of thing was happening. I was amazed that for a few weeks afterwards she reacted to me totally differently and she appeared more afraid of me than usual. Yes she is afraid of me for some reason,...She must having been thinking I was Satan incarnate over this enlightenment. I have no idea what she did to remove any doubt of the organisation after this attempt at wrecking their Bullpoo Bible Study tea parties.

    Wife said that Satan ruled the internet and nothing was to be trusted.. however the trusted site where she got her information about Abraham Lincoln and his belief in god was okay though... (no Surprise there then huh?).

    I really would like to know where the buttons in the head were to "release wife from self deluding thoughts" is.

  • ziddina

    Ah, trailerfitter, did you see my comments on - blasted alzheimers, can't remember the thread - the one by Band on the Run - "JW women grow a backbone"...

    About the fact that the bible was written by Middle Eastern - BRONZE-Age, Middle Eastern nomadic men, and that it is innately Middle Eastern in nature...???

    If you can successfully demonstrate the Middle-Eastern nature of the bible, maybe that will shake her loose...


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