Elder School 2012 Letter

by Anony Mous 33 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Looks to me like Jebus is about to slap that older elder on the back of the head!


  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Actually, the bible is mentioned once: Rbi8 1-14 which according to the Watchtower Library is Genesis to 2 Chronicles. Indeed the laws.

    I thought this section of the refernce Bible was the Forword, Contents, Introduction; NOT the actual Bible as such.


  • Sulla

    Geez, guys. Classes from 8-5? How about we lighten up and go business casual, given the bizarre length of this whole thing? Seriously, everybody looks like ass in those suits, anyhow.

  • shamus100

    The picture is crooked.

  • discreetslave

    Are these guys in Bethel? Elder 1 & 2 look so familiar.
    Why don't they make the elders go out in service like the reg. pioneers do? Most elders I know suck at field service.

  • Alfred

    "Your morning and evening meals will be your responsibility"

    I guess the out-of-town "window washers" will be going to McDonald's every night (except Thurs & Friday night, since they'll run out of money by then) while the few remaining affluent elders will be inviting one or two CO's to Ruth Chris so they can get special privileges in return... On Thurs & Friday night, the window washers will be outside Ruth Chris looking in with their noses pressed up against the restaurant windows, hoping to catch the CO's as they walk out after dining with the affluent elders...

  • clearpoison

    Funny, they forgot to remind all the elders to keep their lapel cards visible in public outside the schoolhours as "witness to nations", whatever they might be doing then.


  • Intel

    I used to teach at that school, too. Now, thinking back I can't understand how I managed to go through that shit without shooting myself.

    We had to stay with brave, exemplary local JW-lunatics. One of these morons gave me and a smelly ministerial servant the SAME BED - it was their marriage bed. It was very, very, very awkward to sleep with another man in the same room AND IN THE SAME F...... BED!!! But it was late and we where tired, so brother "smartass-ministerial-servant" slept on the edge of the right side and I slept on the outer, outer edge of the left side...could get sleep, had to give a talk and breakfast was non-existant.

    THANKS MORONS for ruining a perfect week, that I took off and my boss took off my salary. Thanks a lot!!!

    I would rather hit my thumb with an hammer than sitting through that mental-diarreah for five days....

  • Intel

    Sorry guys for my overall "pissed off"-graphical description of those times......but some events and memories as a JW really upset me, and make me angry. I surely hope that this will also go away.....

    ....this is my 3rd month out of the cult. I have a lovely new girlfriend (my wife left me) and I am starting to embrace a new, colorful and lovely life. I am staying right now at her family and they are wonderful, lovely people (this for being "worldly" - unbelievable lies)

    Elder school: NEVER AGAIN!

  • cult classic
    cult classic
    Homework: On Monday through Thursday evenings of the school, please set aside some time to do meditative reading in preparation for the following day's class session.

    That is absolutely ridiculous. Reminds me of pioneer school.

    Intel - That is one of the funniest stories I've ever read. ROFLMAO

    edited to add: No worries Intel, it's all part of the healing.

    And congratulations on your new love.

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