WT Society Alters their History as " The Party " did in George Orwell's 1984

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  • punkofnice

    I notice especially the last statement. No education for JWS!!

  • JustHuman14

    All I can say is that they are masters of altering history. I consider my self lucky since I have in my library all Judge Jo's books, plus a 1-2 from Russell. If you try to compare that WT with the one we have now, you will find that there is no connection at all, in dogma, practices and mentality. What really make my foundations shake, were all the failed predictions that WT did, and most of all many stupid things that didn't make sense.

    Very few JW's know what 1874 & 1878 & 1914 stood for many years, or the failed prediction of 1925 that the Ancient Prophets would resurrect and go to live along with Booze Jo in a luxury villa located in San Diego Cal.!!! (There was no explanation how those Ancient ones, located in Israel and Palaistine, talked in a language that has long gone, would just appear in US and try to communicate with Booze Jo!!!)

    If anyone today comes with the past teachings of the WT, and try to present them today, then that person it would be an apostate! But I guess if you really feel like reading apostate material just find WT's old publications and read them...

  • flipper

    LEPAVOUX- Thanks for the tip about Amazon.com . I own the book personally, but it would be good for lots of people to read it. It really clarifies the similarities between the WT society and " The Party " or " Big Brother " mentioned in the book.

    PUNK OF NICE- Good point. I truly believe that the WT society knows that by keeping JW's ignorant and disconnected from reality in the REAL world - that it will make and keep the GB stronger in it's grip over JW members. So, yes, ignorance for JW's means strength for the WT society.

    JUSTHUMAN 14- Very good points you make. Many JW's aren't even aware of the failed prophecies you mention from Russell's day . They are so naive about ANYTHING the Witnesses taught in the early 20th century. And like you say- the thing about Beth-Sarim in San Diego and the Judge boozing it up with the prophets of old ? That's hilarious ! I mean- Did they think they were celebrating the paradise or were all going to be raptured up to heaven or something ? Incredible

  • Retrovirus

    Hi Mr Flipper!

    Yesterday I read this article on Freeminds. It shows a scary number of similarities with 1984. Especially the "hidden library" of history. Very thought provoking!


  • flipper

    RETROVIRUS- Thanks for the link, very thought provoking. Appreciate the story

  • 4thgen

    There are many good threads on this site with reference to the similarities between the WT and the book/movie “1984”. This one is especially insightful with some thought provoking comments and links. I choose bump this thread, so the the newer posters may make the connection.

    There is also a great youtube video on the subject


    It is amazing how the organization is becoming more and more like the book as the WT removes and changes its failed doctrine via the internet.

    Enjoy! 4thgen

  • villagegirl

    China does the same thing, alters the massacre at Tiananmen Square

    so that the younger generation does not know what really happened there.

    It seems to be a characteristic of totalitarian regimes. Young Chinese

    university students have no knowledge of their own countries atrocities.

    So again we have the analogy of the Watchtower Society as North Korea.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I rarely read nooks. I listen to them. My job is fairly reptative so I listen to many many audio books. I'll have to check 1984 out... I saw a movie of it once I think... John Hurt?

  • 4thgen

    Hello HowtheBible..... Yes, thats the one. The book is much better. It is available on CD. Great listen!

  • flipper

    Went back in my thread archives and noticed this had been bumped up. Sorry for the response delay, I'll bump it now.

    4THGEN- Thanks for the youtube, very interesting.

    VILLAGEGIRL- Indeed I would compare the WT Society to a totalitarian regime completely ! JW members do not have control of their lives ; WT leaders do.

    HOWTHEBIBLEWASCREATED- I'm not sure who was in the 1984 movie as I just read the 1984 book a few years ago. It may have been John Hurt, I don't know

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