WT Society Alters their History as " The Party " did in George Orwell's 1984

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    Its well know of how the WTS controls information to their (animals) or lets say feeds them food at the proper time.

    Unfortunately this food is just well packaged self supporting propaganda by Big Brother, labeled as being lovingly provided by god,

    information of course of which they are being forced to eat . Why would you object to eating it since this portion (food) of information

    is going to eventually save your life. When the meal is put on the table by Big Brother he watches carefully who's eating and who's not, also

    what they are saying about the meal. If you so happen to say anything despairing or opposed to whats there, you can surely expect

    to be taken back to the kitchen and accordingly punished by his designated enforcers......Big Brother has those you know !

    Not only that but those very enforcers will return to the rest people who were at the table and they will be told to not talk or associate

    with that pointed out offender.

    Big Brother does a good job of corralling and shepherding his flock, for he knows well what that flock means to him financially.

  • flipper

    TRAILERFITTER - It's interesting that Orwell's wife worked in the censorship department. Didn't know that. But it would explain how much he and her came to understand how Big Brother & the Party could hide and conceal information. I don't know if he experienced Witnesses or not - but the similarities are alarming to the WT society.

    THETRUEONE- Very good point. Indeed " Big brother " , or the WT society DOES know what the 7 million JW's mean to them financially so the indoctrination tactics continue. The WT organization like Big Brother in the book has ways of getting rid of dissenters by disfellowshipping them and cutting them off from their familes if they disagree with any WT policies. Thus they promote submission through the use of fear and intimidation - just like " Big Brother " in 1984. Pretty scary to think the WT society has that kind of control and power over it's members

  • flipper

    Considering yesterdays WT study I felt it might be good to bump this one up. All comments welcome. Thanks, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George
    Considering yesterdays WT study I felt it might be good to bump this one up. All comments welcome. Thanks, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    I'm not supposed to be posting here until December, and I don't want to hijack the topic of this thread, that being the Goebbles-esque alteration of WT History. Sticking with the Orwellian similarities found within the Watchtower, yesterday's WT Study can be likened to the, "2 Minutes Hate" which is what takes place when the people of Oceania are "encouraged" to watch film of their so called enemies, who are historically mythic and possibly fictitious, and those in the audience are to express their anger and hatred towards these make believe protaganists. The audience is supposed to stand up and grit their teeth, and yell at the screen, yell profanities, and some if not all of those in attendance are aware that they're being monitored by their peers, cameras, and supervisors to ensure that everyone is participating. I haven't read the book in a while, but if my memory serves me right, awards or merits are given out for those who excell at spitting vitriol towards the images on the screen during the 2 Minute Hate. I may be getting that mixed up with the activities happening during Hate Week.

    Yeserday's WT Study was essentially the same thing as the 2 Minute Hate. Fictitious enemies, fictitious threats all created by a sinister organization with the intent of maintaining uniformity of the entire group, with little to no sympathy for the individuals damaged as a result.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    This is why sites like archive.org are so valuable. You can get "The Finished Mystery" and "Harp of God" and other such books from the early Rutherford period in scanned .pdf form to show your JW friends and family just what sort of organization Jesus Christ supposedly chose in 1918-19.

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    NO ROOM FOR GEORGE- Good to hear from you ! I always appreciate your good thoughts ! Very good comparison you make to the " two minute hate " program from Orwell's book to the dissing of apostates and all dissenters at the July 15th WT study yesterday. The comparison is sobering and eerie at the same time, isn't it ? The WT society tries to instill uniformity through fear and control tactics used to whip up hate inside individual JW's towards anything or anybody diametrically opposed to the WT society's thinking . And very true, they don't care wHO they hurt by whipping up this hate filled frenzy either. Good points, great observation

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    MAD SWEENEY- It's nice to have a website that offers copies of Rutherford or Russell's old books. Although probably most current JW's won't check them out as they've been counseled to not read older literature and stay with the alleged " new light ". I hope they read it, but they may not if the WT society counsels them against it.

    LITTLE ROCK GUY- Hey, thanks ! Been real busy. I'll read it. Thanks for the reminder

  • flipper

    LITTLEROCKGUY- I PMed you back. Thanks ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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    You can read"1984"on line above, also Google Amazon.co.uk, the book section has it on offer at a low price.

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