WT Society Alters their History as " The Party " did in George Orwell's 1984

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  • Terry

    Another way of looking at it....

    Imagine that the Governing Body ACTUALLY WAS chaneling the spirit of Jehovah in all its writings--why would ANY thing

    it had ever written need changing? Subsequent information would, in that case, be called MORE LIGHT and not NEW light.

  • flipper

    FRANKLIN MASSEY- Very interesting. So you've experienced negative feedback when bringing up 1984 to JW's before ? Like you stated they probably put it as thinking the WT society is controlling so they get bad vibes.

    BLONDIE- THanks for the Orwell links & the Animal Farm link . Appreciate it.

    NO ROOM FOR GEORGE- Awesome post ! Thanks for posting that little tidbit about how elders are instructed to destroy previous letters of communications from the WT society , no doubt, to cover their rear end legally with no paper trail to trace. This cult gets more criminal every year.

    DREWCOUL- Thanks so much for posting the 1989 WT how they changed, or eliminated the 20th century reference. They are such scoundrels. WT society is constantly changing their history and failed prophecies . Very good post. Thanks.

    ALFRED- I'm glad you got the chance to read this book. Don't blame yourself for not following it at age 18 - I was chasing girls at that age too ! But the comparisons are uncanny in how the WT society looks exactly like Big Brother or the Party

  • flipper

    TERRY- Exactly. Good point. If everything was true that the WT society ever promised us - they never would have needed to change at all. Not only more light but all encompassing light. But most everything the WT society has uttered are lies

  • punkofnice

    Newspeak = Theocratic 'jargon' or loaded language eg. 'apostates', 'the truth'

    Ingsoc = WTB$

    Ministries of Ingsoc = WTB$ committees

    Doublethink = Cognitive Dissonance

    Airstrip One = JW land with the Pyramid (ironic choice CT Russell!!), WTB$ HQ.

    Inner Party = GB or 7 paedo-protectors

    2 minute hate = WTB$ making JWs HATE people especially 'apostates'


  • flipper

    PUNK OF NICE- Very accurate comparison to be sure ! It's astonishing how much control funnels down into the rank & file Witnesses. This book really opens a persons eyes

  • flipper

    BTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • stillajwexelder

    Great thread

  • Violia

    What is a good reply to their defense of "food at the proper time"? They use that to excuse all their mistakes eg, Jehovah reveals what we need at the proper time.

  • flipper

    STILLAJWEXELDER- Thanks, glad you like it.

    VIOLIA- Very true. The WT society uses that " getting food at the proper time " BS all the time to excuse their failed prophecies and errors. I think I'd take out that 1984 WT with the cover of 25 older Bethelites entitled, " The Generation that Will Never Die " and ask a JW if THAT is food at the proper time ? Bottom line is that here in 2011 ALL those people are DEAD ! So it was incorrect food , or skewed food , incorrect. I'm tempted to show that to JW's sometime

  • trailerfitter

    Goerge Orwell, What a fantasitic writer. He was Christian form what I believe. With writers they don't just bring up ideas out of the air,. There must be some sort of foundation or truth in the stories he writes. I wonder if with a bit of digging there maybe signs of influence that he experienced or witnesses in his life.

    A quick look at wikipedia ( erhum) I found out that his wife worked in the censorship department..???

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