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    I was just glancing at the back of the October 15th (2011) Watchtower and the Questions From Readers. The question under discussion is "What should I do when I have a question about something I read in the Bible or when I need advice about a personal problem?"

    The article goes on to discuss how we should consult the Watch Tower Publications Index among the many 'tools' that have been provided by the Faithful and Discreet Slave whenever we have a question that is not directly discussed in the publications.

    One statement really caught my eye, because it's the first time I've ever seen the Society actually dissuade people from writing in with questions. It reads as follows:

    "Neither the branch office nor world headquarters is in a position to analyze and answer all such questions that have not been considered in our literature."

    For decades the Society has supposedly had unlimited resources, facilities and manpower at its disposal around the world. Surely answering sincere questions from fellow worshippers that are not touched upon in the publications is part of their duty as God's channel of communication etc. Suddenly, they are no longer in a 'position' to fulfil their obligation to "feed" their brothers on a personal level when unusual questions arise. Is this an admission on their part that Jehovah is no longer blessing them with sufficient resources to fulfil their normal day-to-day administrative functions, or are they simply telling the worldwide brotherhood straight to shut up and stop asking impertinent questions, because if it isn't in the publications it shouldn't be worth asking about???

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    2 part extensive (well for them anyway) article on "Was Jerusalem really destroyed in 607 BCE?" in the 10/1 and 11/1 "public editions" Watchtowers....

    ...and a QFR in the 10/15 "Study edition" Watchtower saying "Don't bother us with your [email protected]$$ questions"....

    Coincidence? (sir82 post)

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