Society tells us to stop asking questions...

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  • 00DAD

    factfinder - You're most welcome - glad to be of service. Of course, I'm actually an EX-Elder ... in fact, I'm also an EX-JW. But I'm trying to do my part to fill in since the REAL guys are too busy to do their job!

  • zagor

    When I was a kid, an elder used to ask if anyone had any question. Soon I took him up on offer and at the end of every meeting would ask something. Well after a month or so of that everyone was told to ask questions in private after meeting. So much for being able to handle questions of 5 y old.

    That aside I don't think that openly asking questions was ever ecouraged. What is happening now is pretty much what you'd expect to see from a paranoid society afraid of it's own shadow. When you spill out stuff that contradicts other stuff you said the only "sensible" thing you can do is to prohibit questioning.

  • lifestooshort

    What if my question was, "How do I will my family estate to the watchtower?" Do you think they would have the time and resources to respond to my question?

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    ziddina- LOL!

  • kepler

    Several years ago my fiance had a traumatic experience and decided to return to being a JW.

    As a result she insisted that we read "What the Bible Really Teaches". Then later I agreed to take instruction with house

    visits by an Elder and his associates on weekends with the same purpose.

    Although I have a background very foreign to all of this, I took the matter very seriously and studied the matters presented very carefully, doing a lot of research. My suspicions were immediately aroused when the pamphlet and my instructors kept insisting that Babylon was destroyed by Jehovah (via some Isaiah citations, Cyrus and hand-waving) as punishment for desecration of the Temple. Things took off from there and I assumed that every other line in the document and citation was a manipulation, misconstrued or a lie. I want to tell someone, but everyone locally brushes me off - and my relations with my former fiance disintegrated to zero. I may as well have been trapped in the final pages of 1984.

    But to some, up one of here last correspondences with me was not to bother the Elders or Overseers at the local congregations. Take my issues to Headquarters. I wrote back to her that now I am ready. She said, "You have to write to them like the rest of us - and I don't want to get involved in this." I discover that if I go to the official website or the Watch Tower, I can fill out a page to arrange for more home visits and the equivalent of another series of inoculations.

    When I reported back to the Kingdom Hall elders - they added the note that I had to write via the mail. "Would it be answered?" "Oh, yes. They answer all of them." I've got a long list of questions and issues and it is growing. But I want to make sure that someone sees the result of my research. I want to make sure that my questions exist on line somewhere. I hope that this will be the means to do that. And I can report back on the answers as well.

  • Magwitch

    Welcome Kepler!

    Please start a new thread! This is very worthy of it's own thread!!

  • kepler


    Thank you. I took up your suggestion and started a topic Sunday night (25 March 2012): On the Receiving End of "What the Bible Really Teaches"

    If I can find it again, I will provide background for a number of questions exposure to this type of evangelizing provides. Strange: often what is alerting is that the purveyed news hardly stands as glad tidings of any sort.


  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Now that they've finally found a way to squelch most questions, they can say whatever they want about 1914, 1918 and who really is the FDS.

    Basically, if they put ink on paper, dubs are to simply accept it no matter how senseless and bizarre...

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