Society tells us to stop asking questions...

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    I hadn't been to a circuit assembly in a decade and was stunned at how direct the DO was on the point of 'Don't ask, don't question' it is the beginning of apostacy.

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    bookmarking for future reference


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    @designs- Wow-that must have been hard for you to take and so discouraging. The last CA I went to was in 2000 and I found it to be discouraging back then and never went to another one.

    Even being away from meetings for over 6 years I am still somewhat shocked in a way to see the horrible tone the new gb is taking. It is making the jw religion so harsh. This new gb has no clue how to solve provblems or answer questions in a reasonable, scriptural way so they resort to hardline attitudes , -"just believe and obey us or you are going to be destroyed at Armageddon."

    I would have been very discouraged and angry if I was at the CA you attended and heard the DA say that. When I was young I was forced by my parents and grandparents to go to temple and the rabbi told me I ask too many questions! The witnesses are now the same. How can anyone be encouraged by such talks.

    This new GB are paranoid and clueless. They are dragging the jw religion down and will cause even more people to leave. Its too bad they can't be impeached. Its horrible.

    If I had somhow continued going to meetings till now- hearing the D.O say that would have been the last straw for me. Of course, I think the new generation teaching would have been the last straw two years ago!

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    gubberningbody: that video was interesting. Thanks for sharing. When you watch something like this, it is so obvious how ridiculous and manipulative the beliefs of any cult are, including those of the WTBTS. And yet, when we became Witnesses we all fell for them hook, line and sinker. Of course they are more subtle and not so blatant, but frankly not by much.

    While it's more than a little embarrassing to admit that I fell for this, it feels good to be out, really good. I just wish I knew how to successfully reach my loved ones still in!


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    Judicial Committee

    Well, I say to the Soceity to go pound sand!

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    factfinder - thanks for your comments, I had almost forgotten about this thread.

    The Society certainly seems to be writing in a far more bullish manner these days, and in such a way that makes logical arguments and sound reasoning seem almost superfluous. I wonder whether this is a significant change, or just something that I am more acutely aware of following my recent awakening. It's difficult to know how articles such as this QFR will be received by the diehard rank and file. My guess is that it will go in one ear, and out the other. Nobody will stop and think - "But hang on, isn't the Society supposed to have enough resources to administer its role in supplying food at the proper time, not just in printed literature but in response to personal questions? Is the Society's admission that they are no longer blessed with sufficient resources significant in the context of their claims to enjoy a role as God's sole channel of communication?"

    Sadly, Witnesses aren't taught to think that way about their own religion, only about other people's faiths...

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    It reminds me of W.C. Fields famous retort, "Go away kid, you bother me!"

    Compare this to Matthew 19:14:

    Jesus, however, said: “Let the young children alone, and stop hindering them from coming to me, for the kingdom of the heavens belongs to suchlike ones.”

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    The trouble with "the correct answers are in the publications" is the Society's habit of flip-flopping all over the place. Who could possibly keep up, besides Blondie and Leolaia of course!

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    To All Faithful, albeit Confused JWs Everywhere

    In Re: Questions

    Progressive Truth = Past teachings that aren't really false or wrong, at least not in the sense they would be if ANY OTHER RELIGION taught them. No, they're just "less correct" than the "Present Truth" which of course is entirely accurate, at least for the moment, that is to say, "It is TRUTH right now!" until we get some more "new light" and then it will become "Past Truth" as we "progressively" move toward the attainment of "Accurate Knowledge" with our new and improved "Present Truth"!

    None of this in any way implies that at some point in the future it will ever happen that what we believe or teach now is wrong. No, the misunderstanding would clearly have to be on your part because we are the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" and its Governing Body. We don't make mistakes. You do! Of course, following us would clearly NOT be a mistake because we are--as said before--the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" and its Governing Body and we don't make mistakes. - Matthew 24:25

    Is that clear?

    Any questions? No. Good! Actually, it doesn't matter if you have any questions because we don't have the time or inclination to be bothered with them anyways. Just go over to the corner and read your latest Watchtower like a good little Witness and be quiet. We have plenty to do in the work of the Lord and simply can't be bothered with the likes of you. That's what we have the Elders for!

    With Warm Christian Love,

    The Governing Body

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    thanks! That is a good way you describe it: that the society is writing in a more bullish manner these days.

    00DAD- thanks for the letter from the GB which makes it easier to understand how "old truths" and "new truths" are both true!

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