Do you think mankind as a whole will get to meet the Third Kind in our life?

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  • kurtbethel

    Third Kind and especially 420 kind has been already going on for a long time since a crew crashed into a "crop" of ditchweed near Roswell in 1947.

    Third Kind stoner weed 420 Shehla Dabrshnaw

  • scotoma

    A couple months ago I read a book - UFOS - generals, pilots and government officials go on record

    By a very reputable, respected journalist Leslie Kean.

    After reading it I have absolutely no doubt that we are visited frequently by extraterrestials.

    Don't ridicule this if you haven't read her book.

    Here is a piece from an article she wrote in the Boston Globe.

    Metatron: You ought to read the book.

    After reading it I suddenly felt that humans are not in the loop yet.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz


    science fiction has filled our heads with another fake hope of some sort of salvation from ourselves. Story tellers and wishers write stuff to excite and promote sales of books.

    Mankind does not need saving from itself. Humanity is what it is, good and evil. It needs saving from soothsayers.

    That said, i dont think we are 'alone' in the universe, and if ever contact is made, they will wipe us out like we did the Dodo. Unless of course its our women their after...

    oz...well you asked what (i) we thought!

  • Qcmbr

    If there is life elsewhere in the galaxy its unlikley to be conscious. If it is conscious it would need to be on a planet capable of providing the raw materials for technological progression (think how important co-located iron and coal was for the industrial revolution.) Any conscious, intelligent, resource fortunate species would also need to have evolved handlike appendages to make any progress and would need to be able to write or store information. They would need to have a society conducive to technological advance (not stuck in a religious medievel or ideological loop) and would need to have advanced to the level of space travel without annihilation or resource depletion. then to reach us they would need to be able to fold space otherwise it isn't going to happen unless they are bringing colony ships.

    Nature is not kind or benevolent though it can manifest those traits in some species. It is highly likely that any advanced species would be a top predator with a highly sophisticated war machine. Like all top predators they are more than happy to farm any lesser species and so I think it is a naive hope that any superior intelligent beings will pop in for a chat and a cancer cure. If we are any kind of model you only have to wander to the local chicken battery farm to see how we treat our fellow animals. I'd like to find life elsewehere - that would be awesome - let's just hope its not cleverer than us or it really does wear sandals and bake cookies.

  • Terry

    My serious answer is this. Inside the mystery of our own brain are layers and layers of evolutionary retrofitting.

    Our imagination is part human and part beast. We are, in some ways, haunted by what we "were" and fear what we will be.

    Some portion of our inner process is wild.

    Our fiction, our art and our dreams explode with the clashing of sensibilities old and new.

    Everything in our dreams is some part of ourselves...only disguised.

    The Aliens "out there" come from inside of us; "the me I never knew."

    When we speculate about "them" we are really trying find our way back to "us."

    There! Aren't you sorry you asked?

  • scotoma


    I struggle daily to improve my tools for clear thinking and I am an open minded skeptic. I include books that will challenge my preferred orientation.

    Read the book I referenced in my last post. It will re-wire your thinking. Extraterrestials may be dreams for some people but the actual observations and experiences of the tough minded and practical military officers reported in Leslie Keans book ARE NOT dreams of an escape to paradise.

    Read it. Read it. Read it. And then make an assertion based on some facts. I'm not talking about Roswell, Area 51, Abductees, Anal Violated moonshine 'coon hunters.

    These are career military men who know what normal flying machines are capable of doing.

  • shopaholic

    I also believe that we have been visited and get visited often. There is a lot that those in the know cannot share because, honestly, we are not ready.

    We can't count election ballots correctly, were more interested in singing competitions than social issues and most people have never visited another country or experienced another culture. It was only about 50 years ago that America was forced to accept black people as people. It took years for people to realize that AIDS could not be spread on a toilet seat. The list goes on and on...

    Your average human on planet earth is just not ready. Its going to take another 100 years or so.

    "But I guess I'd say if it is just us… seems like an awful waste of space"


    (of the completely sane class)

  • startingover

    I am waiting to see what transpires with the advent of HD video devices widely available. If this is really taking place there should be some unmistakeable images available.

    That being said, for right now I personally have to compare it to belief in god. There are highly intelligent people who believe in god, and equally intelligent people who do not. I attribute that to a "god gene". Could that gene also be an "ET gene"?

  • scotoma

    Starting Over.

    Intelligent people believing in God cannot be compared to Airmen 1st class sent to scout out what appeared to be a crash in the woods near a strategic airforce base and actually encounter A UFO on the ground. Walk around it and touch it. Watch it shake rattle and roll and then shoot straight up through the forest canopy. At that exact moment hundreds back on the base saw its vertical take off. There are a lot of reports like this.

    I don't believe in all powerful God/s. And I think those who do are caught in some ignorant prescientific thinking. However, if a group of scientists figure they have found Higgs Boson (whatever the hell that is or means) I have no reason to compare that to imaginary beings. UFO's appear as material structures and behave as if operated by intelligent systems. I don't believe these vessels travel physical "distance" to get here. It could a universe orthogonal to our own.

    Dimenional jumping doesn't have to be a big deal. We just haven't stumbled on a method yet. Look at our world. Who would have ever thought that spinning some magnets surrounded by copper wire coils would produce electicity. Michael Faraday did that only 180 years ago and now we use electricity for everything. There are technologies that we can hardly imagine that will emerge at some point when we stumble on the "X effect"

  • startingover

    Like I said, as technology advances proof should be readily available. Just curious, what do you think about Big Foot sightings?

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