"Forged" by Bart Ehrman

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  • botchtowersociety

    I always enjoy reading PSac.

    Here is a poem he might enjoy (It is in Spanish but I know he understands a similar language)

    Poema La Revelación Interna de Jose Maria Blanco White

    ¿Adónde te hallaré, Ser Infinito?
    ¿En la más alta esfera? ¿En el profundo
    abismo de la mar? ¿Llenas el mundo
    o en especial un cielo favorito?

    «¿Quieres saber, mortal, en dónde habito?»,
    dice una voz interna. «Aunque difundo
    mi ser y en vida el universo inundo,
    mi sagrario es un pecho sin delito.

    »Cesa, mortal, de fatigarte en vano
    tras rumores de error y de impostura,
    ni pongas tu virtud en rito externo;

    »no abuses de los dones de mi mano,
    no esperes cielo para un alma impura
    ni para el pensar libre fuego eterno».

  • PSacramento

    That is a beautiful poem, thanks BTS :)

  • botchtowersociety

    You should read his biographical info. Very interesting man.



    Edit, here is a good link.


  • EntirelyPossible

    Same reason an atheists are here. If they dont' care or even believe, why do they care so much?

    Fair enough.

    I could understand Bart's issues when he was a die hard evangelical and viewed the bible as inerrant and discovered that, in his view, it wasn't.

    It's not his view that it's not inerrant. It IS not inerrant.

    Now, it seems simply "spiteful" at times, as if he is trying everything to discredit the Bible so that ALL cna share in his "discovery".

    Funny, he says over and over in his books he isn't trying to dicredit the entire bible. You keep repeating this and then ignore the words he writes saying his goal is NOT that.

    One wonder why HE cares so much also.

    Well, he IS a biblical scholar. that may have something to do with it.

    Or why YOU care so much too my friend.

    It bugs me when i see people misapplying or not using critical thinking skills.

    In short, there is NO PROOF that the NT documents where written WITHOUT the permission of the person they are attrubuted too.

    In short, there IS a LOT of suspicious things that raise the question and point in that direction, but, as Terry said, you start with your conclusion already formed and suffer from heavy bias, use special pleading, appeals to authority, etc., to make it all comfy in your mind.

    Peace, brother. See you in the next debate :)

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