Living as a gay Jehovah's Witness - My Story!

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  • steve2
    An athiest NEEDS the bible to be as ugly and hateful as possible and will always present in that context. If you want some reading suggestions to help you understand these so-called "gotcha" scriptures better, shoot me a pm.

    Oh dear, the Question-Their-Motivation-Line of argument rears its very tired and limp head again. Just like when the elders declared that I actually wanted to find faults in the organization and so then felt justified in ignoring my reasonable questions. Thanks irondork: You transposed the Watchtower's favorite line into your own argument armortarium. It would be churlsih of me to state that your own motivation colors your beliefs, but here goes: A believer NEEDS the bible to be as attractive and loving as possible and will always present [it] in that context...etc

    How that line of reasoning furthers discusion, I don't know, but it sure absolves the person who uses it from bothering to attend to specific arguments. Yes, irondork, stick to the safety of a pm, just like the witnesses stick to the safety of a kingdom hall where all can speak as "one". Ostriches this way please > >

  • sinis

    Lets be real irondork. First the Bible is BS, God is BS, and twisting what someone wrote eons ago to conform it to a certain idiology is haphazard at best. Timmy should just live his life and not cling onto "god" or the bible with some 21 century new definition of what the church has held fast against for hundreds of years (inception of Xianism). The fact is not all are welcome to the Xian game, so why push it? Like I said just live life, be spiritual, but forego religion and the holy books...

  • Quendi

    I am very happy for you and your partner, TimmyT, and wish both of you the best. Your story is really inspiring and I plan to share it with others. I wish there had been the resources you used when I was your age. I would have left the WTS then, but did not know where to go or what to do. Having been disfellowshipped for also being a gay man, I know all the mind games the organization plays. Now that I'm free, I see my life as getting better, not worse. Yes, most of my former friends no longer speak to me, but I have come to understand that is their loss, not mine.

    I am also glad that you still want to walk a spiritual path. Again, there are so many good choices you can make as well as resources that are available. I'd be happy to discuss some with you if you'd like. We can talk "backstage" by exchanging PMs. I know I would like that. To quote from the title of one of the WTS publications you are indeed "choosing the best way of life."

    As I have posted elsewhere, suicide is the third leading cause of death among American men aged 15-24. I don't know how many of those young men were gay, but I would be willing to bet that it is a high number. I rejoice that you escaped being swallowed up that way. I am very happy that you have found someone to share your life with for you have much to give. That is another point about your story I found wonderful: that you have discovered that you are indeed a wonderful human being, made in God's image and likeness. Keep reflecting that image, and by all means, keep sharing with us here.


  • chickpea

    congratulations for accepting yourself and living your authentic life

    orientation, in any of its manifestations is not a lifestyle...
    in other words not a choice... but coming to terms with and
    honestly living your reality is a choice... and i applaud yours!

  • irondork

    Quendi: I am also glad that you still want to walk a spiritual path. Again, there are so many good choices you can make as well as resources that are available.

    ^^^^ This!

    You have some experience to tap right here if you want it. Looks like Quendi and I took that beating the old fashioned way, alone and without the resources you have available to you. But just like leaving the WTS by itself, for all the reasons you hear about on this forum, your best aid is education. Educate yourself. Find out what the bible REALLY teaches about homosexuality and it will draw you even closer to God. You won't have to live in a either/or mindset regarding your relationship with your partner and Jehovah.

    * Checking mailbox for your wedding invitation. *

  • mindseye

    Congrats Tim, that's a really moving story. It was so good that your parents reacted well to your situations.

    Concerning sinis and others comments, I know where you're coming from, but do realize there are more nuanced, non-literalist ways to interpret the bible. We often don't realize this because we were raised in a very infantile, hyper-literalist form of christianity.

    I know a lesbian christian couple, and they told me that many gay christians see the story of Jonathan and David as a gay love story.

    see here:

    Ruth and Naomi are another example. Is this taking what one wants from the Bible while ignoring the bad stuff? Yeah, maybe so. But that's what most christians have been doing for centuries anyway (and some emphasizing the bad stuff for their benefit, i.e. slavery).

    If the religious traditions serve as a sort of mythos, a mythological narrative that resonates in one's life, I can't see how it's really a bad thing. When it gets dangerous is when people get bogged down in literalism and fundamentalism.

  • cantleave

    Tim, you rock, I am so pleased you are living your life and not trying to be somthing you are not.

  • Quendi

    Irondork, I have sent you a PM.


  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Great story! So many gay folks in the organization, especially in the past, go ahead get married have kids and then realize they can't live a lie anymore. By then so many lives are messed up. I am so glad you decided to be true your yourself. NMKA

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    Your post is uplifting. I assure you that you will find a faith community consistent with your present beliefs and lifestyle. So many churches would love to have you as members.

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