Living as a gay Jehovah's Witness - My Story!

by TimothyT 53 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Sorry I missed the first JWN coming out party here.

    Very happy to hear things are going well for you Timmy.


  • BackseatDevil

    I'm so sorry I'm late in saying this... but congrats and welcome!

    my first year out was a dramatic balancing act in a way that is hilarious now.... but at the time was ridiculous.

    as being out the first year is ridiculous in itself. Anyway... congrats.


  • Adventurousone

    Hi Timothy:

    So glad to hear that your finally happy. You see it took you to leave the orgaization to find that out .I'm not gay but I feel for you. I would love to know why JWS are so blind to these things. I know why, they have blinders on. My family are not witnesses, except my daughter is a witness. I have a young nephew that is leaning towards being gay. And I say so what, let him live his life. And that is what my sister is doing let him decide for himself. She's just loving him for who he is. And believe it or not my feelings for a gay person changed when I left the Society. It's really strange the way I use to think it was almost like they had the plague or something. But now I'm free and so are you Timothy, enjoy the ride because it can get bumpy. Life will have it's up and downs. But what is most important is that you are true to yourself and God still loves you no matter what. Live your life to the full. Take care.

  • andysmiles

    Your story has brought me comfort during my hard times. Thank you.

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