Did YOU Feel Abused By The Elders?

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  • Quendi


    I won't pretend to understand a woman who puts her desire for reflected glory above her mate's happiness. I'm sorry for the situation you're in. You say that you don't volunteer for anything and do no more than your assigned duties. I can only hope that those duties do not include serving on judicial committees. Of all the evils the elder arrangement has brought, that is the worst I can think of.


  • AwareBeing

    Whenever we called out the elders for behaving badly they would use the same well polished phrase combinations at five of the halls we've been to.

    "What was it that we elders did to make you FEEL like that?", "Just what did we do so that you FELT that way?", "When we told you that, how did it make you FEEL?", "If you would think back, you will find that there was nothing that I or Brother _____, said that should give you that impression!"

    This is all psychological manipulation, to trick the mind of a person with legitimate concerns into not trusting their own judgment! It's a breach of trust for pastors over a flock to treat them in such a way. For this sort of condition to occur in a so-called religious organization amounts to "Religious Abuse"; a growing field in counseling for former cult and religious victims.

  • minimus

    You are an AwareBeing.

  • AwareBeing

    Thanks' minimus !

    I'll take all the compliments I can get.

    LOL; even the funny ones!

    Lord knows we won't get them at the hall.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I won't pretend to understand a woman who puts her desire for reflected glory above her mate's happiness.

    Sadly, I can think of many JW wives whose identity in the Org is the fact that they are WOE -- Wife Of Elder. This ranks right up there with having Pioneer Children. Think about it, what other accomplishments do they have? No career goals. Having little or no education, there are no "secular" goals. No real means of accomplishment for themselves in an Org that limits women in so many ways. So what is there?

    1) Giving good comments at meetings (sisters almost always are better prepared than their hubby); 2) Pioneering or high hour pub; 3) Pioneer Kids; OR>>>>>>>>>>>Door #4): WIFE OF ELDER. Plus that way, most of them know EVERYTHING that is going on in the Cong or even Circuit.

  • minimus

    Females in the Organization are beneath everyone else including baptized male 10 year olds!

  • punkofnice

    I was an elder and our PO (as he was then called) was such an arrogant lazy b4$7a^d.

    He abused all the other elders and MSs by off loading all the jobs onto them. The only jobs he kept were the ones that gave him visible glory. He does temp circus work too.

    Just shows, scum rises................and Jehovah just ignores it in his 'clean' organization!

  • mrquik

    Ah the judicial committees. I would volunteer for those. Actually tried to help. Nowhere better than a committe meeting to realize that Holy Spirit ain't welcome there. Just wait for the most opinionated/respected elder to open his mouth & follow his lead. Don't forget the obligitory prayer. Ha, Ha, Ha. Almost forgot my own. Pissed off the leader who was an ass & knew I thought he was an ass. Can't thank him enough for keeping me out for 2 yrs. Was just enough time to wake up. Thanks Frank.

  • AwareBeing

    At this one hall, the elders were often abusive to mixed families.

    Sisters with unbelieving husbands knew they would be relegated to nothingness;

    last in FS group, no parts, no invites. When their husbands came to Memorials,

    the elders would meet them in the dark parking lots afterwards, and ball them out!

    Almost ten publishers won't talk to the elders and have to speak to each other for help,

    the elders want you to give them their names! A lot of this happens at other halls as well.

  • aquagirl

    Yeah,we had HORRID men in the congo that I went to.One,named Don ***ch{Rhymes with Porch} was a particularly bad man.Evile and had a David Koresh way of charming the dumpy middleaged women.They all fantasized about him,I heard them!Thing is,he looks like a tall bald Hitler.Awful man.Takes a lot of joy in causing family strife.I wonder why?Assomeone on this forum said{who knew them quite well} "They looked as tho they were baptized in lemon juice".lol.He is a terrible public speaker,has zero redeeming qualities as far as I can tell.He is the only surviving member of the tri that DF"D me...hehhehheh,I still have time!

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