Top 10 JW Beliefs

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  • clarity

    I didn't see listed - "christ is not the mediator for the great crowd - the governing body is their mediator'(144,000)!!!!

    Which is telling in itself ..... how come this teaching is so in the shadows .... lurking almost, I have never heared witnesses discus or even know about it!! 3 guesses why!!!!!


    Also - seems to me that, those whom jesus brought back to life - Lazurus etc - were resurrected, but "Everyone else who died/dies waits in the ground for a resurrection and/or judgement.)"-

    but those waiting in the ground would be ..... recreated! Wouldn't they???


  • OnTheWayOut

    Clarity, it cannot all be summed up in neat little sentences, but I hoped to be close. Lazurus did die again and go back to the ground waiting for 1914 (according to them) and he must be one of the 144,000. I gotta imagine there are close to a million or even more in the 144,000 by now.

    The "mediator" part can be added to the "two groups of true Christians."

  • Chariklo

    Pams girl, you wrote

    You must not have sexual intercourse on a Friday.

    Seriously????!!!??? Where did you get that from?

    Was trying to find a smiley to show my mind boggling!

  • punkofnice

    10. A group of men known as the Governing Body are guided by Holy Spirit and everything they say must be obeyed/believed.

    If they are found to have made a mistake it's because 'they're JUST imperfect men doing their best' Any mistakes are the resposibility of the 'rank and file' for believing it in the first place. Hence the GB are above reproach.

    8. Jesus already had his "second coming." He returned to earth invisibly in 1914 and has been here ever since.

    as well as 1919 and other times he came but then didn't because he forgot about ''New Light TM''

    May the GB forgive Mick the angel for this oversight on his part.

    1. There is only one true religion, Jehovah's Witnesses are that one. Salvation can only be obtained by being in the one true religion, "The Truth" as they call it. All non-Jehovah's Witnesses will be judged and executed at Armageddon which will occur any minute now, because Jehovah (God) is ready to take delight in destroying all the people of the earth who are not Jehovah's Witnesses.

    JWs are allowed to go around and around in circles to say 'We have the ''tweth''!' without showing any logical argument for this in the out of context scriptures they use.

  • trailerfitter

    On Number 5 again.. take advantage of the extra pay that is available for working on a pagan holiday.

  • Chalam

    Nice list :)

    IMHO the JW disbelief of the literal second death clearly should be high in the list though as it is far more catastrophic than smoking and shunning etc.

  • aristeas


    Just a few observations, for what they're worth.

    On number 10, there is testimony that among the early church fathers this matter was debated. Thus, at least a long time back, it was an issue. Hence it's not unique to JWs. Surely in the extensive religious history since the Reformation other groups would have latched onto this as well. With the long history of Socinians, early Unitarians, et al., this must have been a quite popular view among such folks.

    For no. 5, you might want to consider groups like the Mennonites and Amish. In fact, the earliest court case in the USA against the governmental compulsory flag salute/pledge of allegiance was from one of those groups, not JWs. Of course, various forms of Christian conscientious objection from military service has a venerable history in western lands. BTW, Francis Schafer (a popular Evangelical — 'born again' — author) has written a book against Christian neutrality, and it is NOT directed toward JWs. His reason for this is that it is a moderately known belief among some Evangelicals.

    As for no. 4, as Leolia has amply documented, this is certainly not unique to JWs. It goes back to a moderately influential group of 19th-century Protestant pseudo-scholars (dumb fundamentalists) who were out to 'prove' the cross was pagan. Examples are Hislop's Two Babylons, Bullinger's lexicon and Companion Bible, Parson's book, and Vine's Expository Dict. of NT Words. See Leolia's now famous and indeed extremely informative post on this:

    FW Franz just subscribed to this view and it has become hardened as official doctrine.

    On no. 3, even today many Orthodox Jews do not celebrate birthdays and holidays. Again, among several small conservative Protestant groups (for example, the old Herbert Armstrong followers, the Worldwide Church of God; also the Christadelphians) these days are not observed. Additionally, there are plenty of historians who willingly admit the earliest Christians did not either. Even some simple encyclopedias cover this.

    When it comes to nos. 2 and 1, well, plenty of conservative religious groups have beleived this for centuries. Within the Catholic church it was held as the theological basis for the Crusades. John Calvin taught it and traditional Calvinists still hold to it. The inhabitants of the Qumran felt that they were the only true Jews, as some Orthodox still affirm today. On NPR earlier this week there was a 'Fresh Air' segment on The New Apostolic Reformation movement in the USA. It is quite popular among certain segments of Protestant Evangelicals, and they believe that are the only true Christian group and that everyone who will be saved must follower their interpretation of the Bible They even call their governing group 'Apostles'. See this:

    The 'closed' denomination of the Plymouth Brethren have taught the same about themselves for 150 years now. Al Qaeda and similar very conservative Moslem groups also believe the same. Many hard-core Mormons subscribe to the ultimately 'us only' mentality. On and on this list can go...

    I hope this provides some food for thought.


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