To shave or not to shave? That is the question. A fun subject.

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  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    So the question is should I shave it and get more kisses from my wife or keep it as a sign of not being controlled by the WT anymore

    I don't think the WT should factor into your decision at all. That's what "not being controlled by them" means.

  • JeffT

    In 1968 I was the first person in my high school to grow a beard. I shaved it off in 1973 just before I was baptized. Grew it back in 1988 when we quit going to the KH. I've had it ever since. Mrs. T likes it.

  • PSacramento

    My hair grows back fast, head or face.

    I can, in the same week, sport a goatee or clean shaven or a beard, depending on how I feel or if I want to piss off my JW mom ;)

    Wife likes it clean shaven or a goatee or sometimes a "don Juan" , depending on HER mood.

  • sd-7

    Well, I remember a Batman comic where Dick Grayson/Nightwing suggests to Batman that he should shave before he goes to see Catwoman. In teh end, Batman says, "Dick was right. I should have shaved..."

    I like to change it up. Right now I've got a goatee again, though it's getting a little shaggy as I don't have energy to maintain it properly, but most times I do a full beard for like a few days or a week and then I shave. I grew the goatee to change my appearance in case I encountered my ex-girlfriend. Probably wouldn't have worked, but it was worth a try.

    I'd say, try a few different styles. Maybe just grow the hair on the chin alone and a moustache. I've tried that one too, that was my first Facebook photo, I think. Not that I'm on Facebook anymore.

    Depends on how much you like the kissing stuff. Way I see it, it's a distraction from the pursuit of unwise entertainment and recreation.

    Why not devote yourself to entertainment more fully? A willing spirit and a suitable set of High Definition devices have been a source of encouragement to many. Can you look for ways to improve your time-wasting hobbies? May we all seek destruction and the god of our bellies first, so that in the end, we will have lived fully, in this life.


  • PSacramento
    Well, I remember a Batman comic where Dick Grayson/Nightwing suggests to Batman that he should shave before he goes to see Catwoman. In teh end, Batman says, "Dick was right. I should have shaved..."

    That's the "HUSH" mini-series.

  • shamus100

    If you want to talk about shaving (seriously), well, I shave with a straight razor. It's this kind of underground movement that is returning with the high cost of razor blades.

    Basically, it's the sharpest damned thing you can imagine that you need to strop (using a leather belt) before use, and you glide this down your face. The shave is incredibly close, and is nothing short of terrifying the first time that you use it.

    Now that I'm used to it, I'll never go back to a safety razor. It was an expensive investment but well worth the bucks.

    PROS: very cheap to use, no replacement blades,. Uber cool.

    CONS: You have to order online, is very expensive (at first) and you can seriously cut yourself if you shave drunk, stoned, or have some kind of shaking disorder. Also, you would never want to drop the thing because it would probably slice off your toe or something. ;D Also, stropping takes some practice and you can really dull your blade if you don't do it right.

  • AGuest

    My husband is a pretty good looking latino hombre, dear TADD (peace to you!)... but is VERY good looking when he has a goatee and mustache (oh, my, my, my!). BUT... I have same problem as your dear wife: the hairs are soft, yes, but coarse... and so sometimes quite irritating to MY face and lips. I've actually be poked/stabbed by one or two. Like little needles they can be (ouch!). So, while I still kiss him when he's fuzzy-faced... it's... ummmmm... different. Harder. Not as appealing. Because I have to "go in" fast for the brief peck and then make a quick retreat.

    Feels like birds pecking, to me... and I hate that. I don't like hard, pointy, pecky kisses... unless I'm in a rush (and that's rare when it comes to kisses, whether it's hubby, kids, or puppies). I like and want the "real" deal... which I can always get when he's clean-shaven (which he has been for a couple/few years now - YAY!).

    Do I mind the compromise (i.e., not as many women and men looking at him 'cause he really is that good looking with facial hair... for great, soft smooches)? Nope. Not one bit. I'll take a soft, full-lipped smooch over non-important eye-gogglers ANY day.

    Bottom line, though? Methinks the only opinion you need and should listen to on this... is from the one who has to KISS your hairy mug. In that light, what does SHE think?

    Hope you find a resolution so as to get back to some reg'lar kissin'... and peace to you!

    SA, on her own...

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    Shamus I love close shaves but love growing a week beard also.....

    But I think if I switched to the best................

    I'd be that Toeless guy LOL....

  • sizemik
    keep it as a sign of not being controlled by the WT anymore

    Yep . . . keep the beard and shave your pubes . . . then lie in bed the wrong way. You'll soon forget what WT even stands for.

  • sd-7
    That's the "HUSH" mini-series.

    Impressive, Psac. I didn't think anyone else would get the reference.

    Hmm. I wonder if anyone's checking me out because of the goatee? Could be dangerous. Maybe I should shave it, then. The dark side grows powerful within me these can never be too sure, but then again, I find thus far that women find money more attractive than goatees...


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