Thank you note from Circuit Overseer

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  • moshe

    Just call Bethel and ask for the name of one of those Slaves- you'll find out they don't really exist in the flesh. The F&DS WT dogma is just false more advertising from the writing department, which hopes that JWs will take their works of fiction as seriously as the Bible.

  • jwfacts

    There is always the presumption of guilt in a cult.

    "... dignify us by allowing us to examine ourselves & make the needed adjustments in our thinking. "

    The word dignify turns it into passive agressive comment that in effect is saying - "Of course all you guilty sinners need readjusting, but the slave lets you keep your dignity by not publically humiliating each one of you individually"

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty


    A form thankyou note.

  • journey-on

    How hokey! Pardon me while I throw up.


    Thats a Thank You Note?..

    It`s more like an Instruction Manuel,on why his visit was so good..


    Nobody would realise how good his visit was,unless it was explained to them..

    Don`t forget to Adjust your Thinking!..

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  • SlipnSlide
  • mrquik

    I need that "special knowledge" that the end is near. Funny, I heard that in 1958, 1967, 1975,1989,1995 ad nauseum. Could I get clarification from the GB on their explanation of the word "near"? Near as in the nearest galaxy? Near as in the the distance to the sun? Near as in the creation of the solar system? One would think with all that holy spirit flowing into those lying bastards they could be a little more precise.

  • RayPublisher

    I'd like to formally thank you all for the excellent comments on my post about the CO's thank you note, and remind you that it is only by the grace undeserved kindness of the FDS Jehovah God that we can have this freedom to so express ourselves. At times we are tired, but yet the posting continues without letup down to this very hour. This helps us to face the challenges of getting out of the WTO day to day living with zeal and determination.

    When someone adds something that is against the GB a new thought to us, we appreciate their potent reminders and how they dignify us by their lame one-liners thoughtful and well-reasoned comments.

  • Scully

    the CO loves him his ampersand key, doesn't he??

    The wannabe teacher in me would love to take a red pen to his prose and give that nonsense a big fat F.

  • dozy

    Yuk! At least he didn't capitalise "slave" but what an awful letter. Note how he asks people to show appreciation for "the slave" before God comes into the picture.

    It reminds me of a program I saw where a group of foreign surgeons went to North Korea to perform operations. The North Korean minders told the people , one and all , to thank the "Dear Leader" (despite the fact that the authorities had put numerous hurdles in front of the medical staff). And they did.

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