Thank you note from Circuit Overseer

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  • RayPublisher

    Notice how thankful we should be to "the slave"... He said that expression dozens of times in his recent visit, over and over and over ad nauseum.

    Thank the Slave!

    Can I barf now?

  • sir82

    All those words, stating exactly nothing.

  • sabastious

    Kind: Adjective: Having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature

    An act of kindness is, by definition, not compulsory. Does this mean that the Governing Body doesn't feel they are required to act as the Faithful Slave? That they actually feel they are being kind by offering their support when they don't actually have to? What happens if they choose not to be kind in the future?


  • sabastious
    All those words, stating exactly nothing.

    Those words are not meant to be processed by the left brain, but the right brain instead.


  • paulnotsaul

    That phrase "examine ourselves & make the needed adjustments in our thinking" is echoing in my head. Seems to be the catch phrase for "your not going to believe this, but". They fall for it every time. peacesuckers paulnotsaul

  • unshackled

    "How kind it was that they give us these potent reminders & dignify us by allowing us to examine ourselves & make the needed adjustments in our thinking."

    That sentence is dripping with magnanimous BS - we own you and you should be thankful for it.

  • LostGeneration

    Three mentions of "slave" before Jesus even comes out (third reference is "they")

    And poor Jehovah, he gets second billing after the "slave"

    Love the reference to having "special knowledge," that one just screams out CULT ALERT!

  • Billen76

    The foremans (appointed by the management) speach to the workers of Sewercleaning Inc.

    "The Management gave us exactly what we needed. This midweek service meetings were practical & beneficial. The Management also knows it's easy to get tired. Yet, they reminded us how to face challenges to our zealous perseverance by how the Founder was an example for us. How kind it was that they give us these potent reminders & digninfy us by allowing us to examine our work & make the needed adjustments in our approach. Truly, we are living with the special knowledge that the great flush is near. How we are blessed by the Director to know this & appreaciate this. What a privilege it is to be used by the Director to help other to understand and act on this knowledge."

    And now you are telling me, that the payday is a figment of imagination?!

  • cptkirk

    the 1st century "christians" were also living with that "special knowledge". what a coincidence!!!!!! you should call him and tell him this asap!

  • isojourn

    Truly we are living with a special knowledge that the end is near. READ: Truly the slave is happy that you are living in fear.

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