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  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    WOW that was the first time for me and I thought the bldg I live in was falling apart the room was swaying and crunching sounds and this is a really sturdy bldg. I talked to a lady in the hall and she thought she was having a bad medical emergency. It just surprised us all here in virginia. I hope there's no aftershocks.

  • sizemik

    Nancy and others . . . aftershocks normally max at 1.0 mag below the intitial quake. Maximum aftershock intensity would not be expected above 5.0 which is 30x smaller than a 5.9. Hope this makes you feel safer.

    ED: USGS has just downgraded to a 5.8. If you felt it (wherever you are) please consider filling out a felt report . . . it doesn't take long, and it is very helpful for the science.

  • wiser

    Troubled Mind- I hope God finds Pat Roberson. When Haiti was struck, his racist comment was, Haiti had signed a pact with the devil. When Japan suffered a massive quake, he was silent. Not one word out of him. Now the nation awaits to hear his latest lies.

  • sd-7

    Only problem now is, the subway's totally backed up, I think, and moving at a snail's pace. Here's hoping I can make it home. Home computer is too damaged by malware to comment on JWN, though (long story, technically my fault, but not my fault simultaneously), so...I can probably just e-mail Jamie or something assuming I make it home and all...


  • sizemik

    sd-7 . . . the human response can sometimes be more inconvenient than the quake itself. You gas stations probably have long queues as well. Thoroughly understandable of course . . . but inconvenient nevetheless.

    Glad to hear you're OK . . . any earthquake is dangerous if there's objects above your head.

  • coffee_black

    My son is in Stephens City VA. Couldn't get through by phone... but he posted on FB that he and his wife and kids are ok. They were in the process of buying a new car when it hit....

    It was felt in the Boston area as well. I did a lunch presentation in Duxbury, not far from the Cape, and shortly after I left they evacuated their office because of the shaking.

    I didn't feel anything...but I was driving when it hit...


  • factfinder

    I felt it here in NJ. My chair and table were shaking-very strange. Did not hear anything so did not know it was from an earthquake.

  • sizemik

    Virginia area does have an interesting earthquake history . . .

  • itscrap&theyknowit!

    Well, I'm sure the Society will scare everytone into Field Service for the next few days! The End Is Near, Friends!!!!

  • botchtowersociety

    FOX News reporting the Washington Monument is leaning to the right, MSNBC reporting to the left.

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