Why does an almighty god need to prove himself to mortal subjects???

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  • N.drew

    The way I understand it is this;

    There are two everlasting lifes to consider that effect the history of the world.

    One is personal, one is not. Religion has led people away from that one which

    comes first. Which is everlasting life for Earth, everyone.

    Religion sent the means to outer space. That is why I prefer non-faith over faith.

    But don't turn me into a god dam church. Promise? If you do not understand,

    that is you fulfilling prophesy. This is my last post for the day, ought I to

    fill in with some bull shit? I might think of something in a minute, I'll write it down.

    Be cool! Your's truely, Nancy

  • tec

    What Ding and Shelby said.

    Now I believe He is intimately interested
    in us, but He gave the Earth to man, Man must therefore be it's savior. God is our savior
    through Jesus Christ, but They can not save the world alone because that would negate
    the giving of it to man.

    This is interesting, thanks. I hadn't thought of it that way before.



  • glenster

    Re: the complaint that God isn't all-beneficent enough for people--the human race is descended from a rat.


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