Why does an almighty god need to prove himself to mortal subjects???

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    So therefore faith=stupid.

    If I had said that I would understand you being riled. But I didn't - you did!

    Now stand in the corner until you have cooled down.

    In answer to whether I believe the sun will fail and the Earth will break up, just like

    my pitiful body - Yes! But the sun will last around 4.5 billion years longer than my pitiful body.

  • N.drew

    Thank you. I am cool. I am sorry it sounded like I am riled because of you.

    People of faith rile me much, much, much more than them who aren't.

    When I type I know that someone someday someplace might see what I said.

    It is funny thet you believe evolution AND believe the sun can not possibly

    survive forever. If a brain that can design a brain happened because of

    chance, I think you can not also believe that the sun can not find itself a way

    to last forever. The power that produced the first wonderful piece of matter

    and grew and grew into that which seeks to protect itself, can't that same power

    evolve into something that keeps the sun going and going, forever and ever?

  • Ding
    He supposed to be almighty but he feels the need to prove to his mortal creations that he alone has the right to rule.

    This idea that God is trying to prove something to the world or to establish His right to rule is the teaching of the WTS, not of the Bible.

  • designs

    4.5 Billion years is almost forever, but eventually Stars Super-Nova.

  • AGuest

    I have to agree with dear Ding, here, dear HD (peace to you, both!), to some degree. He did prove himself to Abraham, Moses, and a few others... because He was asking them to do something for Him (in response to your question "why"). They needed to know who "He" was... in order to validate the message or task they were to deliver/do. Other than that... and Israel (fleshly, first... and those who make up "New Jerusalem" later)... He isn't concerned with proving anything to anyone. About Himself or anything else. For those who WANT proof, however, He sent His Son.

    As dear Ding said, your assumption is based on the teachings of the WTBTS (and perhaps some other religions)... and so the arguments aren't exactly valid.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • moshe
  • Diest

    N.Drew come hang out with me, I believe a higher power had a hand in some parts of creation(although I believe most parts of evolution.) What is obvious is that he has no active role in what happens now. Ancient peoples were like abandoned children and were forced to make up stories about why their dad does not care about them and why he left.

    Like the kid who thinks 'My dad joined the CIA so he can’t talk to me now, but he will come back'.

    Sorry to say it but our god abandoned us and we are left to live the best lives we can and enjoy what is around us.

  • designs

    Where does God vacation...

  • AGuest

    Actually, He didn't abandon "us", dear Deist (peace to you!): our ancient ancestors abandoned HIM. They chose to worship another/other gods. At some point, though, one man proved that he still had faith in our Father: Abraham. As a result, his seed was chosen as the ones to have a direct relationship once again. Unfortunately, that seed did what our ancient ancestors did: lost faith, began to worship other gods, etc. Yet, He called and called... and sent ones to them to call... for them to return to Him. Some did. Most didn't. Then... He sent His Son to call them. Some listened... some didn't.

    Today, He calls through that same Son. Some hear. Most don't. Those who DO hear, however... realize that they were never abandoned, but that it was we who left Him. And so... we turn around... and go BACK. To some, that's childishness. But I have learned that, in truth, that's really what it takes: to become (again) as a little child.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • N.drew

    Hello President Washington Diest. I believe evolution only where it applies. I use to

    think as you do, that the power behind creation was God, but he just rolled the ball

    and everything took off and voila! We have we. Now I believe He is intimately interested

    in us, but He gave the Earth to man, Man must therefore be it's savior. God is our savior

    through Jesus Christ, but They can not save the world alone because that would negate

    the giving of it to man. God does not change. The physical world does sometimes evolve,

    see fruit fly. But it is the brain that evolves. Religion has caused it to evolve in the wrong

    course. Religion is leading us to desolation. But not all religion, see AGuest, I believe every word

    post 7425!

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