Very poorly dog has been rushed to emergency vets!

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  • watersprout

    The dog has been rushed to the emergency vets! I am really worried... She had started to improve and now has become seriously ill... Took her to the vets yesterday and they think her stomach is ulcerated... Gave her injections and medicine to take at home... Today she is even worse, she hasn't eaten for 4 days... When she does eat she vomits it back up... She is also drinking vast amounts of water.... I phoned the vets and they wanted her in immediately... It's after ten pm, so they must think she is urgent. Carrot has taken her and i'm waiting by the phone for news.... Just want her well... This is awful!

  • ziddina

    Crap, the vast amounts of water indicates - could indicate - renal failure... Her kidneys may not have been able to take everything that she's been through...

    If she survives this bout, TAKE HER TO YOUR PARENTS. Get her the heck outta there!

    And also be sure that you seal all of YOUR food, too - and check the seals before you eat/drink anything...

    I sure hope that she survives...

  • Violia

    thinking of your family and dogie. I second, get out of that hell hole as soon as possible and I'd let dogie live with parents as suggested.

  • watersprout

    I am outta here! The old woman has been hiding, I haven't seen her since the dog was taken ill... She did this the last time... Carrot said he will phone as soon as he knows something. They may give her more injections to settle her tum... I am hoping they will run tests... There was talk yesterday of a camera down her throat but they are worried about putting her under anesthetic as she is soo old... This is just too stressful on the dog...


  • sd-7

    Sad story. I just lost a pet myself very recently. The pain can be more profound than I thought possible. My thoughts are with you.


  • watersprout

    Thank you sd-7... We are hoping she can be saved... Only time will tell... I am sorry to hear about your pet.


  • EmptyInside

    I was really hoping things have improved. I hope the poor dog can be helped. Sorry for all that your family and what the dog is going through.

  • factfinder

    @watersprout- I hope your puppy pulls through. It is terrible what has been happening to her. I feel sorry too for what your poor doggy and you & your family are going through.

    @sd-7- I'm sorry to hear that you lost your precious pet.

  • AGuest

    Oh, golly, dear WS (peace to you and the fam!)... I am SO sorry to hear this and what you all must be going through, right now!

    the vast amounts of water indicates - could indicate - renal failure... Her kidneys may not have been able to take everything that she's been through...

    That's what I thought, too, dear Zid (peace to you, too!).

    Was she ever checked for diabetes, dear WS? I don't know if you are aware but diabetes is a common ailment and cause for renal failure in dogs (they think it occurs more often in those that eat table scraps - but I know you eat healthily, so...). I was so afraid of my dogs developing it (because of my own experience) that I rarely even give them dog food - they eat meat almost exclusively, cooked mostly, but some raw... and I give them vitamin supplements through their treats.

    Excessive thirst... and vomiting... are signs of diabetes. Since she's older... it may be that she recently developed it, without your knowledge.

    I hope she gets through this and soon, though, and remember... we're all here (dear sd-7 peace to you... and very sorry to hear of your loss!).

    Your servant, sister, and fellow slave of Christ,


  • mrsjones5

    I'm hoping your dog is ok. My brother just lost two dogs over the last 10 months. His last dog lost control of her back legs. The vet said it had something to do with her spine and she would soon lose the ability to breathe. My brother said she was also in a lot of pain so they decided to put her down. My brother and his wife both had the dogs for over 10 years, the dogs were their babies.

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