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  • clarity

    Just talking today with an old friend. Wow she looks so much older now. She has just retired from the "cleaning business" ... she's 76!


    When I knew her many years ago, she had a son at home and a very goodlooking husband! I was surprised, he seemed to dote on her and while she was a nice person, was not much of a looker or a very affectionate person. Her home was lovely. Her husband stopped meeting attendance .... he wasn't baptized.


    After listening to the wise elders talk about "spiritual endangerment" "bad association" bla bla.................she ended up divorcing this lovely man.


    Fast forward to today ........ she has lived alone in a 1 bdr apartment for decades and doesn't have 2 cents to rub together!


    She believed that the elders and friends would take care of her and make sure she was alright .................and they did. They had their eye on her and checked to see that she didn't 'get out of line' and made sure to give her important assignments like...visiting the sick(o's) & cleaning their houses, becoming the 'driver' for everyone, house sitting while they were away on their holidays ........well she had so much time , you see!


    So, getting back to today, I couldn't believe my ears when she said " I don't know what I was thinking", "such a waste- I made a big mistake"........her shoulders slumped, shaking her head.....her face crestfallen.......


    So very sad. She gave up a REAL man and a REAL life, for a handful of old men and their fantasy religion and made-up rules!!!!


    Anyone else on here who has gone through this? Was it a mistake? Are you sorry?

    Did the brain wash from the botchtower damage your life this way? Are you afraid it will?



  • Pig

    thats so sad

    i want to send her a big bunch of flowers

  • ziddina

    Good grief...

    As Pig said, that is sad... Tragic....

    I have a suggestion, though.

    Would she consider telling other people her story? Perhaps she can get HER story published? Or she could tell young people about the dangers of listening to a cult?

    I'd love to see her as a speaker at a local high school or college - and paid SPEAKER'S FEES, of course. I suspect that she might be very effective.

    I wish that could happen. I'm afraid that she'll just slip back into the brainwashing - though it does sound like she's awakened for GOOD...

    I hope so...

  • ziddina

    By the way, where is her son?

    Is he aware of her situation? Or was he also "never baptised" - smart lad! - or worse yet, disfellowshipped and not allowed to talk to his mother??

  • Mary
    She believed that the elders and friends would take care of her and make sure she was alright.

    Yep. Just like the Bethelites that were told 30 years ago that they'd "be taken care of" for the rest of their lives if they made Bethel their career. How many of them got booted to the curb a few years ago or downloaded onto the local congregations because they were of no more value to Crooklyn?

    Too many Witnesses make insane decisions based solely on the idea that Jehovah and his Organization will display the true fruitage of the spirit and look after them through thick and thin. Only when its too late do many of them realize they've been had.

  • isojourn

    This really breaks my heart.

    Overs the years I have known of people with so much potential give all up in exchange for a life of Emptiness ,sadness and poverty.

  • clarity

    Ziddina - here's the kicker ...... she's still a loyal dub!!!!!!! So probably wouldn't want to tell people her story .......... not yet anyway. That's what surprised me, that she finally let that slip out!

    Pig - it is sad isn't it .....more than sad.....but don't send the flowers as she will go "wtf"

    Mary - insane decisions is right ..... honestly that guy was a hunk!! well aside from everything else that is.

    Isojorn - yes it is, seeing her so worn out was awful but hearing the reality... or the recognition in her voice that she now realizes just what a terible mistake she made was even awfuller(not a word I know)!

  • Ding

    How sad.

    And the WT wants this dear lady to keep doing more and more and more until she drops over dead.

  • ziddina

    Oh, Clarity... She's STILL loyal???? The POOR thing!!!!

    I am speechless...

  • mrsjones5

    That's sad. I wonder if the x-hubby remarried?

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