Another question, if I may...

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Are you UNAWARE of the use of fluoride in water, depleted uranium in armaments, faulty vaccines, nuclear-warmed power stations on top of quake fault lines;
    pharmaceuticals and genetically altered grains ARE DESTROYING human and biological life?
    Do you think these are ACCIDENTS OF NATURE?
    Shouldn't somebody or ANYBODY BE ACCOUNTABLE for these assaults upon Life itself?

    Or FaceBook Fascist who hack accounts so that the 'message' can't be delivered, salvation assured?


  • shechaiyah

    I don't have problems on facebook, not like that.

    Different ones. And I try to just ignore them.

    I put stuff up everywhere, here and there, so anybody can find it who wants to.

    what do YOU do, Jeff?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    what do YOU do, Jeff?

    I am appointed by GOD Zeus to find errant believers in Yahweh, and make sure they take their meds on time.

    Of course Zeus and I have a 'special' relationship that goes far beyond my current terrestrial assignments - but I cannot reveal it at this time. Mr. Phelps, this forum will self-retranslate 8 seconds after you read this:

    aslkjeoriuweavjnkthe asoiuewr,knjv houdlssss!

  • watersprout
    Are you UNAWARE of the use of fluoride in water to destroy human brains; depleted uranium in armaments, faulty vaccines, nuclear-warmed power stations on top of quake fault lines;

    I think we are all aware of the shady goings on in government... But why worry over things you cannot change?? Stop worrying and get out there and live! I certainly am! Life is to short to spend time worrying over these things.

    Shelby (the greatest love and peace to you!) I get what your saying and I have nothing to add as I will just be repeating you. Lol. Just letting you know I understand.


  • watersprout
    aslkjeoriuweavjnkthe asoiuewr,knjv houdlssss!

    Yhfiuer jdhruwie sjdhfsndf kshfiwyerkjasdef kjhdefkah skjdfhmswwkw.


  • Paralipomenon

    AGuest, I feel that you are jumping back and forth between specific examples and then broad generalization.

    As I understood the original question, if I don't believe in God, why would it matter to me what a religion believes? I realize you can't paint all religions with the same brush, so my point is, I take exception to religions that try to force others through legal means to adhere to their own morality.

    I define morality in this context as personal actions that don't physically impact others.

    If your relgious beliefs don't condemn and seek to force reform on others, then that is great. But wouldn't that put them outside of this particular discussion? Or are you asserting that so long as there are a handful of relgions that don't have a political agenda that nonbelievers should tollerate religious amendments to our legal code?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Murder and KFC or religion and corporate tobacco. It was easier to make the point with extreme examples, but it is the same point even if comparing religion to death-dealing things. It's still strawmen, not a valid comparision.

    I love that there are people out there to prevent needless landmine deaths from old wars. I love that there are people to save the dolphins or turtles from tuna nets. I have no problem with the people who have been trying to cease the McDonald's Happy Meal unless it has something in it like fruit and not just fried foods and a toy. But these are not my "windmills." I suggest you read: " God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything."

    See, Jer, once again evidence that you and I don't think alike... or that you ever fully read what I post (yet, deign to comment). You obviously missed my comments that:

    How dare you accuse me of not fully reading what you wrote, because I did. I was going to say that no matter what you believe, I love you as a friend and respect your right to believe it and state it. But you really need to stop just trying to pick a fight with me. Have your last word, I know you need it.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George
    Have your last word, I know you need it.

  • agonus

    I'd join the First Church Triumphant of James Woods.

  • sd-7

    Religion is bad when it is used the wrong way. If belief in a particular god is used to foment intolerance, racism, or to discourage the pursuit of knowledge, then it becomes wrong. If it helps people treat others with compassion, if it helps them to be more peaceful, to be honorable, then it's great.

    Either way, a lot of the resources used up on religion and going towards religion could be better used to benefit humanity in more meaningful ways than peace of mind due to a connection with the spiritual. So, that's the downside.


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