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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    There is nothing wrong with religion. As with everything else in life, it can be misused. Religion has brought forth awe inspiring music and art, charity, love, kindness. Rutherford garnered much public attention and media play he could not purchase by being so in your face, up yours, your mother repulsive. It detracted from the message. The public went wild with hatred. Fr. Coughlin advanced Rutherford's agenda.

  • AGuest

    And now you have one, dear OUTLAW (the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one!).

    SA, on her own...


    Hey Shelby..


    You have another PM..


  • AGuest

    As do you, my dear! Peace!

  • tec

    Education is the greatest tool we have for generating peace, personal achievement, social cooperation and unfettered thought.

    Education is a tool for good and/or for bad, all depending on how we wield that tool. So it is more WHAT we are educating our children WITH, rather than that we are educating them, period.

    I'm not saying you don't agree with that. Just wanted to emphasize it.



  • AGuest

    Golly, dear tec... I mean... well... just GOLLY! LOLOLOLOL! The greatest of love and peace to you, girl! And don't ever stop slappin' us all upside our heads with your... well, common sense - LOLOLOLOL!

    YOUR servant, sister, and fellow slave of Christ,


  • tec


    Peace to you, Shelby, my sister


  • Qcmbr

    Since when did teaching critical thought mean replacing one set of constricting religious rules with another ? Seriously are you thinking that I said daydreaming is wrong and is somehow a religious preserve? How odd.

    With the self assurance granted in truly knowing oneself or at least knowing one has the tools to examine ones thoughts then we can get a wonderful outpouring of thought, great art, music, literature and scientific exploration. Religion works by dividing things into good and bad , profane and sacred based upon nothing more than cultural or a charismatic individual's whims. Religion squeezes expression and life into a narrow tube of control where statues must have fig leaves and pictures of blue skinned boys are worshipped. Shudder.

    Critical thinking and rational thought would apply science to the question of good and bad, moral and immoral ; in a scientific world, no adult is restricted from marriage and equally no one is coerced into marriage either, children are protected from paedophiles, war is abhorred, violent punishment is replaced as first response by social atonement and rehabilitation, sex is desirable, women are equal, gene based medicine is embraced, no girls and boys have their genitals mutilated to fulfill magic covenants, people who put forth made up hypothesis regarding how, why and when will be ridiculed or at the least published in the fiction section if they cannot provide evidence and so forth. And why - because applied scientific studies can show evidence , quantifiable empirical facts why this or that is a moral (better for society) dividing line.

    Ironically it is under a truly secular state that religion will gain its greatest protection since no one religion is permitted to discriminate against its competitors; and its greatest tolerance since it will never be powerful enough to become an 'abuser' (like the great Catholic and Protestant powers were, taxing and bleeding the people and keeping them downtrodden in fear and guilt for hundreds of years.)

  • shechaiyah

    QC, in the scientistic world, intellectuals are curbed by political-correctness.

    The New World Order is more intolerant of free thinking than any other regime I can think of.

    And its basis, ostensibly, is Science, which it utilizes as a Sacred COW.


  • Nickolas

    you are more forgiving than I am, Tammy, and that makes you the better person in many respects. I concede the point to you. None of us is perfect, and the line we cross is most often drawn in the sand by those who had no right to draw the line in the first place. I have some prejudices against what others have done in their past. It is something I need to work on.

    G'night, all.

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