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    I just thought of something I know that might help people on this forum with free speech issues. Our civics education is abysmal in this country. Our first days in law school were busy with learning about the federal system in this country. Something that should be taught in elementary school. I majored in Political Science and I only had some vague notions. We do not free speech in this country that most people believe we do. The Bill of Rights do not apply to private citizens. They applied only to the federal government until after the Civil War. No religious establishments--First Amendment. It only barred the United States government. Several states had established religions well into the 1800s.

    It must be the government or a state actor, which extends the concept a bit. No one has a right to preach on your private property. When I clerked for the ACLU in the 1970s, I thought all cross-burnings were illegal. Not true. You cannot burn a cross on someone else's property or government property. It is perfectly legal to burn a cross on your own property. Free Speech rights trump civl rights laws. The WT is not a public forum where you are permitted to speak. The local park is - if you abide by neutral place, time, and manner rules.

    Facebook is a private company. The only rights you have are the smidgen that you retain after signing/clicking the dissertation length, single spaced adhesion contract. Adhesion contracts are those miniscule print forms in which you must take their contract. No negotiation is allowed.

    Justice Rehnquist came to our moot court competition. His opinions were so different than other conservative justices. He had a brilliant mind. My classmates decided to picket him. They told the dean, a 1st A. defender. He said do it on our property and I will call the police. The sidewalk is free.

    Colleges and universities tolerate a lot of Free Speech that they could completely shut down. Public schools are a different story. Internet blogs. Follow the example used by St. Paul. Start a business, accumulate clients, and preach to them one-on-one. Reading several books recently, I found out that Christians did not do mass preaching. It spread slowy but surely by word of mouth and soon it caught on like wildfire, despite occasional feedings to the lions.

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