My Facebook Page, "God is not divided" is not responded to.

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    It is a hopeless effort EP. As you can see I wasted my breath trying to reason with this [fill in the blank] for a couple days.

    She is delusional, paranoid. She has been victimized by the Watchtower, but still wants to accept it as truth. She has Robert King syndrome. Plus it is like trying to talk to a coke head - she is so malfocused. Kinda like the hopeless occupant of room 436 of the Insititute, I fear.

    I understand to some degree. She mentioned that she began her Watchtower journey in 1964/5. I too, began my indoctrination around 50 years ago. It is damned hard to shed the pain that comes with having committed ones entire life to something as wrong as that religion is. In some ways she wants to find it was actually true, but just corrupt perhaps. I understand it to some degree, from my own personal experience. I am saddened by it, really.

    Peace will only come when she admits that the Watchtower was only right about one thing; Religion is a snare and a racket. All of it.


  • cyberjesus

    Me 3

  • EntirelyPossible

    Yeah, ATJ, you're right.

  • shechaiyah

    Wow, Jeff. Sounds like a lot of bitterness coming at me here. Sorry to see that.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    May I ask when you use the term "Zionist" whether you mean all Jews or the political movement to re-establish a Jewish state in the Middle East? Many Zionists were secular. They would not be afraid to discuss anything with anyone. Not caring at all would be the likely reason.

  • shechaiyah

    "Zionist" is a follower of the Talmudic (Babylonian-Anu-NaZi) dogma of Class Theory,

    in which THEY are the Chosen of God and everybody else is just Goyim--DOGS!

    That is the mentality of "believing in" the Remnant versus the Great Crowd Class,

    or the GB versus the whole Body of Witnesses to Yahweh.

    Torah Jews take Holy Laws of YHVH seriously--that Foreigners and Strangers ought to be treated LIKE PEOPLE.

    Witnesses I KNEW in the 60s who were among the "Remnant" did not lay out CLASS DISTINCTIONS.

    I realize, some people are pure mammals and some have more PREDATORY INTERESTS.

    socio-centric versus individualistic.

    If we are to inherit the earth and experience Peace, this distinction between "classes" has to go bye-bye.

    In its place, what we can utilize to create Justice is a specification of GIFTS in Souls; whereas Classism is divisive.

    We must acknowledge Truth, Limits and Boundaries of Experience. We must invest in Wisdom and not merely in stuck Rules.

    The primary characteristic of the Creation is DIVERSITY, and NOT Uniformity. Everybody CANNOT live by the same Rules.

    Zionism does not respect Diversity; it want to impose Uniformity.


  • AwareBeing

    Comic relief; photo on page 3, by Black Sheep. LOL! That's a good one.

    Our kids would love to see us wearing that outfit!

    Developed mine; ideologue shearing on this post, by sheshaiyah .

    Touched bases on: Sociology, Psychology, History, Archaeology,

    Biblical, class disparity, and more...

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I don't know whether you exist or your posts are a joke. If you are not a troll, I feel sorry for you. You have seriously maligned every religious group with insipid comments that do not address true doctrinal issues. Zionism is a twentieth century political movement. Many of my dear friends are Jewish so watch out!

    Why is everyone reading this seriously? If it is serious, encouraging an ill person is not very nice. This is not A Guest. These posts are very different in character. Facebook could not care less about you.

  • shechaiyah

    I malign every religious group with insipid comments?

    Wow. I thought I just participated with them in what they were doing relative to God and Glory.

    I don't feel I malign anybody; I just share with others.

    What gives you the authority to ridicule my experience?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I will not be a good German! Unknown to you but all to well known to everyone else here, I am a long term NYer. Catholics and Jews are actual humans to me. My dearest friends and family members. You are not even writing stereotypical comments. My Catholic friends, knowing I am Protestant, will make jokes about not knowing the Bible. Jokes. My Jewish friends do not argue with Christians. I witness ferocious arguments about different aspects of Judaism. Yet, in the end, they are both Jews and bond together.

    I am a civil rights lawyer. When I was young, I constantly corrected racist and antiSemitic statements with zeal. I am not so eager now. Many people just don't know politcal correctness and how vulgar their comments are, particularly outside of a small private home or among close friends. They will lose jobs, etc. and never realize it. Their hearts could be okay. When I was at a large corporate law firm, no partner or associate would ever, ever converse the way you do. They would see the door. Every pc term was used. Over time, though, I realized the greater racist/antiSemite can speak a pc talk but act like the KKK. My black friend remarked that a local white neighbor loved by his family called them "colored," 25 years after every one else had moved on. Yet Mr. "Colored" had no racism and Mr. Italian suit pc partner did.

    I am not God. Within the rules of this forum, I can freely say what I feel about your slurs on these pages. Other posters write racist things. I never "correct" them. They do not strike me as malicious. Neither is their world-view encompassing. I am not Al Sharpton. There is a difference between right-wing groups on the fringe and parties such as the Nazis or Tim McVeigh. I don't like both but I only feel a moral imperative with the latter. You cannot tell me my thoughts and opinions are invalid. I am not God but you unlike the Witnesses, I will not permit you to say what I can believe or do.

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