Lurking JW's & Newbies - WT Society's Definition of "Generation" is False

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  • TotallyADD

    Over lap generation teaching was truly a insult to thinking people. But just ike Spectre said the Wt could say "blah blah blah" and the R&F will fall over themsevles to agree with it. The no holding hands rule in the WT a few years ago was big evidence how non thinking the majority of JW are. Question. Did the no holding hands during prayer thing come out before overlap generation teaching or after? I asked this because sometimes I have notice the Wt. will throw out some minor twisted teaching to see how the R&F react to it and then later on throw out a bigger twisted teaching. That way the R&F will accept easier. I may be off base with this one but I am curious about it. Totally ADD

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    TOTALLYADD - Holding hands was before

  • WTWizard

    The longest you could get away with "a generation" is the group of people alive during the initial event. If someone was newborn at the event, and lives to be 120, that could conceivably be part of that generation since that person did not pass away until it was fulfilled, and was alive at the time of the initial event.

    However, what the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger did was blatantly wrong. First time, they tried using traits that are passed down generations--hence, it could go to infinity. Since no one generation would see it all, that is cheating. Then, they tried making "a generation" the anointed itself, which is also cheating because "anointed" could trickle into infinity. The same person that saw the beginning wouldn't live to see the end.

    And now, they are even more blatant in their cheating. Jesus did not mention consecutive generations. He mentioned ONE generation. He said "THIS generation will not pass away". There is no room for one generation to see the initial events, and the people that saw those people alive would then see the final end. The person who saw the initial event will not be the same to see the final end. They are effectively using 2 generations as if they were one, which is blatantly cheating. It is as logical as the statement "1=2"--if I were to turn in a paper in a math quiz in first grade where the choices were 1 [<,=,>] 2 and chose "=", I would certainly get a big fat red "X" for that question.

  • TotallyADD

    Hi flipper. Thankyou breakfast of champions. I thought so but I was not sure. From now on when the Wt. come out with a picky twisted teaching it will alert me to a bigger Wt. twisted teaching. So all of us can have more fodder to talk about. LOL Totally ADD

  • wasblind

    GoodMornin' TotallyADD :)

    The WTS don't like " Independent thinkin' "

    thinkin' people would be offened because they had

    no bussiness thinkin' to start with while in the Org. ;)

    thinkin' people are dangerous to the WTS. LOL.

  • mrquik

    So let's take this to it's logical conclusion. As this is not the last generation then it, as well as all other events are in the future. So basically, all who die now fall into the righteous and unrighteous category. Unless you can piss off the holy spirit, you're coming back. Also, all the "sacrifices" you have made for your religion are worthless as the true religion has not arrived. Bottom Line: Live Well .... Enjoy Life.

  • Ding

    And they baldly assert that the whole thing "evidently" refers to the "anointed," which is designed to reinforce the WT's 2-class system.

    The R&F will nod in agreement, never asking where in Jesus' "generation" comments there is any reference to a small group of "anointed" people.

    "How grateful we should be" that the FDS shows us things in the Bible that no one else can see because they aren't there...

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Why not let the Bible tell us how long a generation is:

    (Matthew 1:17) 17 All the generations, then, from Abraham until David were fourteen generations, and from David until the deportation to Babylon fourteen generations, and from the deportation to Babylon until the Christ fourteen generations.

    So from Abraham to Jesus 3 x 14 generations = 42 generations.

    Abraham born 2018 BC, Jesus born 2 BC so 2016 years = 42 generations

    2016 / 42 = 48 years per generation.

    Don't the GB read the Bible any more?


  • flipper

    SLIMBOYFAT- Indeed it is false and the WT society does insult people's intelligence by wanting them to believe there is such a thing as " overlapping generations " regarding Jesus prophecy.

    CPTKIRK- I love the Chewbacca defense ! Really funny ! Thanks for the you-tube.

    BILLEN 76- It is incredible that Russell , Rutherford , and ALL the WT presidents have been pulling JW members legs all these years with wacky predictions that never come true. I put the WT society in the same category as Harold Camping and HIS predictions actually. People gave away all their possessions waiting for 1975 to happen and it didn't. Campings followers did similarly. WT society has a lot of liability in my opinion for wasting people's lives.

    FAT FREEK- I love your GB octopus illustration ! Excellent work ! And I don't think ANY JW's can understand the " overlapping generation " theory- because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    LOST GENERATION- Thanks for posting a snippet of the original April 15th WT on this topic. The quote about " generation " - " usually refers to people of various ages whose lives overlap during a particular time period " is total insanity and a direct contradiction of the dictionary definition of " a single stage or degree in the succession of natural descent ". Or " people born & living at about the SAME TIME. " So the people of one generation would NOT have VARIOUS AGES - they'd be BORN at about the same time comprising " one generation ". Amazing how the WT society twists definitions to suit their agenda.

    MOSHE- Funny picture there of " Who wants to be a Millionaire. " I bet not one JW could guess how long a generation is.

    SPECTRE- Good point. No matter WHAT the WT society writes- the Witnesses will believe it. It could be blah, blah, blah anything- and they'd believe it.

    BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS- Amazing that your brother in law admitted that the WT society was wrong in the " overlap generation " theory. And I agree with him- I think Jesus was ONLY referring to the 1st century about Jerusalem being destroyed by Rome in THAT generation. I bet listening to that conversation blew your mind ! Too bad he still thinks we are in the " last days " though. Hopefully you will be able to reason with him in time.

    TOTALLY ADD- Good points ADD. I've seen the WT society do this as well when testing some new WT created rules on rank & file Witnesses. They will put out rules pulled out of their own opinions and urge Witnesses to follow them. Really thoug- I think the " generation overlap " teaching came out of desperation to keep an " urgent " end of the world is close attitude inculcated in Witnesses so they don't leave the org. or give up entirely. So the WT society had to take drastic measures to buy themselves more time for their end game.

    WT WIZARD- I agree with you- the WT society is " cheating " ; the same as being dishonest in trying to convince the Witnesses that 2 generations = 1 generation. Indeed Jesus just said ' THIS generation " in the singular fashion. But the WT society is being even more IGNORANT than just saying 2 generations are 1. In actuality the last 132 years the WT society is trying to say that this generation has lasted 132 years or 4 + generations according to dictionary standards ! It's really arrogant of the WT society to do so.

    WASBLIND- Exactly. WT society doesn't like independent thinking in members because those members are DANGEROUS to the control measures the WT society uses . So usually the elders or other power figures do eveything they can to get rid of independent thinkers from congregations.

    MRQUIK- You are right- the bottom line is to LIVE WELL and eNJOY LIFE, because none of this end of the world business is true.

    DING- Yeah, I thought that was weird when they applied the " generation " to the anointed. Of course, they apply EVERYTHING primarily to the anointed. The " great crowd " has always been considered a " lesser one " in the WT society's eyes anyway. It is total class distinction within the Jehovah's Witness cult

  • flipper

    ST. GEORGE OF ENGLAND- Excellent evidence presented by you ! Well done. So the Bible seems to accurately describe what a generation's length is - it sounds like the same as the dictionary's definition. Good job. I'll have to remember that scripture in the Bible when talking to my JW relatives about the meaning of " generation "

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