Lurking JW's & Newbies - WT Society's Definition of "Generation" is False

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  • flipper

    Of course this comes as no surprise to those of us on this board- naturally, as we've informed ourselves. However I felt it important to reveal the REAL Dictionary definition of the word " generation " for newly exiting Jehovah's Witnesses so they can see for themselves how the WT society is twisting the REAL definition of this word to extend their faulty predictions of Jesus prophecy about " this generation will by no means pass away. "

    So here is the ACTUAL definition of the word " generation " according to Webster's NewWorld Dictionary -

    " Generation - 1. The act or process of producing offspring ; procreation 2. The act or process of bringing into being ; origination ; production . 3. A SINGLE stage or degree in the succession of natural descent ( father, son, and grandson are THREE generations ) 4. The average period ( ABOUT THIRTY YEARS ) between the birth of one generation and that of the NEXT 5. All the people BORN AND LIVING at about the SAME TIME. "

    So first off the WT society has a HUGE problem. Since a generation is 30 years - there is NO WAY that the " generation " Jesus spoke of would go 70 or 80 years , let alone consist of two, three, or even four " overlapping generations " ! Since a single stage of a generation is 30 years - the overlap of a father, son, and grandfather would be about 90 years- 3 generations ! The WT society has been claiming since 1879 that the end is near or here. That is 132 years - 4 generations plus 12 years ! So the WT society's claim of 2 ovelapping generations isn't even accurate. If their predictions that we are in the alleged " last days " Jesus spoke about - they are trying to get you to believe that this " generation " consists of 4 overlapping generations ! It does not make sense, because it's untrue, a lie to dupe members into false hopes of " the end " or " paradise " in their lifetime.

    And then from definition # 5 People would have to be " BORN AND LIVING at about the SAME TIME. " If a baby is born in 1990 and Fred Franz was born in the late 1800's yet didn't die until 1992 - they are NOT the same generation . They were not BORN and LIVING at about the same time. Fred Franz would be about 3 generations behind the newborn baby of 1990 !

    Bottom line for this thread is to inform you lurking Jehovah's Witnesses AND any newly exiting Jehovah's Witnesses that you HAVE been deceived on purpose by the WT society to further their control and manipulation of you so they can continue reaping financial benefits of keeping you hooked into their never ending " generation " or " last days " theory. Personally- I have found much happiness in moving on from such nonsense and valuing the life I have right now ! I wholeheartedly encourage ANYBODY who is hanging on to this false illusionary teaching by the WT society to go live your life RIGHT NOW ! Don't waste another minute on a false hope put forth by a self serving organization. You will and can find REAL happiness after exiting the JW religion . As always I welcome all and any thoughts or expressions anyone has , or how THEY felt motivated to exit the Witnesses after this " overlapping generation " theory. Thanks for your thoughts. Peace out to all, Mr. Flipper

  • slimboyfat

    False indeed, not to mention utterly ridiculous and an insult to our intelligence.

  • cptkirk

    wtbs's next move on correcting their generation errors:

  • Billen76

    Probably why Russel originally predicted Harmageddon to come 30 years from 1874, the date which he originally declared Christs (invisible) presence.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Cheers, Len.

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  • LostGeneration

    The latest definition of "generation" according to the April 15, 2010 WT. This is the cool thing about running your own high control religion, you can simply make up new definitions for words to fit your agenda. This will bite them in the butt for "generations" to come. LOL

    14 What does this explanation mean to us? Although
    we cannot measure the exact length of “this
    generation,” we do well to keep in mind several
    things about the word “generation”: It usually refers
    to people of varying ages whose lives overlap during
    a particular time period
    ; it is not excessively long;
    and it has an end. (Ex. 1:6) How, then, are we to
    understand Jesus’ words about “this generation”?
    He evidently meant that the lives of the anointed
    who were on hand when the sign began to become
    evident in 1914 would overlap with the lives of other
    anointed ones who would see the start of the great
    tribulation. That generation had a beginning, and it
    surely will have an end. The fulfillment of the various
    features of the sign clearly indicate that the tribulation
    must be near. By maintaining your sense of
    urgency and keeping on the watch, you show that
    you are keeping up with advancing light and following
    the leadings of holy spirit.—Mark 13:37.

  • moshe

    JWs are dopes- that is why they never made it on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

  • FatFreek 2005
  • Spectre

    "14 What does this explanation mean to us?" They could say, "blah blah blah" after that and 99% of witnesses would nod their head in agreement.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Funny you bring this up...
    Just at a backyard BBQ at my BIL's and overheard him talking to my wife about the new generation 'light.' His take is basically that THEY'RE COMPLETELY WRONG. He actually said that Jesus words about the generation were fulfilled in the 1st century and that's it - THERE IS NO MODERN DAY FULFILLMENT. I couldn't believe my ears. Them is Apostate words!

    However, he still believes the end is close, look at world conditions, yadayadayada....

    I kept my mouth shut. I'm going to wait for 'the opportune time'.....

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