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  • OnTheWayOut

    It's often on at work before the news.

    I don't know about the $1500 part. It's highly likely. They do get paid something, but I know he gives them plane fare and a hotel stay, probably meals.

    While most are probably unashamed to air their laundry on television, I imagine quite a few of them bring their latest boyfriend, knowing he is or is not the father of their child and just make a long weekend out of it.

    If they aren't acting, then they are prompted as to how to act toward each other and get in each other's faces.

    For those who don't know what it's like:

  • talesin


    Speaking as a woman (which is all I can do),,, there are a lot of men (like the ones on Maury) who will sleep with any woman that will give 'em a go. Even at my ripe old age of 50+, I could go downtown right now, cast, cane and all, and pick up a college student. Done? Back downtown for another round.

    As for finding the time,,, well,,, if you don't realize how 'fast' these things can be accomplished, I have one question for you:

    How YOU doin'?

    (in my best Joey from Friends voice)


  • watersprout

    LOLOLOLOL! I admit I have watched ''Maury'' and ''Jerry Springer''.... They are like car crashes, soo bad but you desperately want to see what happens next!

    In the UK we have a programme called ''Jeremy Kyle'' and he has chavs/white trash on with the whole ''I don't know who the father is. Is the baby my boyfriend or his brothers'' scenarios... I have to turn the channel if it comes on cause once it starts I have to keep watching... Mind you Jeremy shouts at the chavs and the audience starts cheering! It's really entertaining! Lol

    Peace my sister

  • Ding
    And to have that error revealed on national television... after you have yelled and screamed and cussed to the effect that he IS the father... what the HECK are you THINKING?

    The point is that the people on the Povich show aren't embarrassed by any of this.

    It's a way to get their 15 minutes of fame on TV.

    And who knows?

    They may actually find out free of charge who the father really is.

  • AGuest
    Stuck in the house for about 18 months now, don't get me started on the medical profession!

    Oh, LORDY... 18 MONTHS, dear Tale (peace to you, dear one!). How do you DO it?? I've been down 6 months, now, and if I don't get out of here and back to work in say, the next 30 days or so, I am going to lose it. Literally. And no one will be able to blame on any voices "in [my] head." No, it'll be due to pure, unadulterated "cabin fever".

    Those poor people are just so dysfunctional, and do they have no pride in themselves whatsoever? Sad, so sad.

    Worse than sad. Humiliating, embarrassing... and utterly irrelevant to them that it is. Worst than sad. Whatever that is...

    So I up and bought this puter, got hooked up with the net, and at least there's more to do.

    Yeah. Like posting here. Although, the way some folks here act/comment/respond sometimes... I'm not sure if it's it BETTER - LOLOLOLOL!

    I must confess to watching the 'judge' shows, though, it passes a couple of hours a day ... Mr Judge Joe Brown, all I can say is mraoww!

    Joe Brown, eh? Yeah, I like that he's a bit of a gentleman. Can't handle the judge shows, though. Forces me to be a bit of an armchair lawyer/judge... and that gets boring, too. I like cooking shows, mostly... and travel shows (I get to leave my "armchair" for a bit with the latter).

    And I like People's Court, the lady is so smart and makes me laugh.

    Yeah, those sistahs on the bench are sumthin' else! Don't mess with any one of 'em! LOLOLOL!

    *sigh* it sucks being sick and stuck in the house all the time.

    Oh, honey, I was SO depressed, yesterday. After "battling" for awhile on here... I took a 2.5 hour walk! Walked the puppies for 1.5, brought 'em back home, then took off again. I can't use my arm, yet, but nothin' wrong with my legs! It was great! I walked to and met my husband at the BART (he was happily surprised to see me standing there when he came out)... and we went out to dinner. A GREAT ending to a somewhat sucky day!

    I'm glad you are on the mend, ms. Shelby. You're a doll!

    Hoo-WHEE, me, TOO, dear Tale! Me, too! My shoulder did NOT crunch with pain last night... for the FIRST time in more than three years! YEEEEEE-HAWWWW! Ached for a little while this morning, yes, but I handled it. I am to be "sprung" SOON (yeah, I gotta do about 2 years of physical therapy, but...)! May it come quickly!

    And may YOU mend... completely and fully... soon, too, dear Tale. Truly! I can empathize and I KNOW you're hating all of this, so... may the end of your ailments and frailties be upon you!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • talesin

    Yeah. Like posting here. Although, the way some folks here act/comment/respond sometimes... I'm not sure if it's it BETTER - LOLOLOLOL!

    Kay, had a great laugh at that one!!!!!

    Some days, I feel the same .... now, I'm only doing 'supportive' and 'fun' threads ... cabin fever has me too much on edge to do any debating.

    take care, and thanks for the laugh,, much-needed today.


  • AGuest

    King... Ding... peace to you, both, and all I can say, to both of your comments, is: "Ewwwwww..."

    Dear WS (peace to you, dear one!) - See, now, you gotta watch that. Next thing you know, you'll start subscribing to HBO! LOLOLOLOL!

    Dear Tale (peace to you, as well, dear one!)... OKAAYYYYY??? I, too, am 50+ and I KNOW it wouldn't be difficult... and would actually encompass little HIGH SCHOOL boys (seriously. No, seriously. I cannot tell you how many of these "little men" I've come close to telling, "Boy! If you don't get your little 'fresh' ass away from me! I'm old enough to be your grandmother!"). They... don't... care. Nor do the "old" ones - LOLOLOL!

    Peace, chickens... and thanks for "playin'"! Don't stop, though - I need the laughs!

    SA, on her own... and feeling "better"!

  • AGuest
    now, I'm only doing 'supportive' and 'fun' threads ... cabin fever has me too much on edge to do any debating.



    SA, on her own... thinkin' maybe dear Tale's got a point...

  • poppers

    I'll bet he's getting kick-backs from the Lie Detector Administrator's Union and The DNA Testing Board. MP is the lowest form of television out there; just disgusting. He's such a phoney in his care and concern for those hapless individuals who display their train wreck lives for all to see. What's sad to see is that there seems to be an audience for this; his show keeps rolling on and on, each episode a repeat of the last.

  • ShirleyW

    One of the posters above mentioned Jeremy Kyle's show in the UK, I've been seeing commercials here that his show will be shown here in US starting this fall, I guess that'll be another one for you to "change the channel" on Shelby!

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