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  • watersprout
    Dear WS (peace to you, dear one!) - See, now, you gotta watch that. Next thing you know, you'll start subscribing to HBO! LOLOLOLOL!

    NEVER! Lol! (Peace to you) My sister always watches it and if I go round i'm glued to the tv laughing my head off the crazy people!

    Peace my sister

  • AGuest

    I'll bet he's getting kick-backs from the Lie Detector Administrator's Union and The DNA Testing Board.

    Or sumthin', dear Pops (peace to you!). Advertising kickbacks?

    What's sad to see is that there seems to be an audience for this;

    Yeah, I keep looking at the audience trying to figure out WHO would even be a part of it? But not only do those folks seem truly interested but actually emotionally invested for some reason (well, the truth is probably that they're prompted - but they all LOOK "sincere" - don't they?? Or like former/future participants! LOLOLOL!)

    I guess that'll be another one for you to "change the channel" on Shelby!

    Oh, no, I SO hope to be up and out of here before it ever reaches our shores, dear Miz Shirl.. (peace to you and my apologies for calling you Sistah Wuz, above. Got you girlfrens all mix-ed up, ah did, cuz of all of dese posts ahz doin' rat now!).

    Peace, all!

    SA, on her own... and fixin' to turn from Paula Dean... 'cause she tends to grate on my nerves for some reason. I think it's her accent 'cause the Neely's get on my nerves, too! I'm more of a "Giada", "Ina", "Rocco" kind of cook... although "Lidia" (Bastianich) IS my favorite. I LOVE her... she's so... "comforting"! Oh, wait, no... my FAVORITES are Rick Bayless ("Mexico One Plate At A Time")... and Daisy ("Daisy Cooks")!! But they're not regularly on, so I have my back-ups...

  • AGuest

    Oooh, "Barbacue Paradise" is on the Travel Channel...

    SA, on her own... thinkin' there's sumthin' to Talesin's theory (about posting only on "fun" threads when suffering from cabin fever)

  • AGuest

    Wait... did he just say "pepper-rika"???

  • talesin

    *thinking of getting the Food Network*

    I was very disappointed that my DC package left out TFN,, looks like I'ma gonna be around the house for quite a while, so maybe I should invest the xtra few bucks for that package ..

    mmm , BBQ !

    off to play some cards online


  • ShirleyW

    I see you and I have something in common with the cooking shows, that's basically what I watch too !

    Re Mizz Paula, my aunt who was born and raised in Savannah, told me that her restaurant "The Lady and Sons" even when she first became famous isn't "all that" my aunt claims the food is a bit on the "oily'greasy side" (just to let you know, my aunt can "throw down" in the kitchen herself so she can realize a well cooked meal), now that she's gotten all this publicity, I bet they're throwin a little bit more "water in the soup" if you know what I mean since the place is now a tourist trap!


    King and Ding?..


    Can`t say I wasn`t warned..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • mummatron

    I would take those shows with a pinch of salt. Some friends of friends in my hometown managed to get on Jeremy Kyle to air their dirty laundry on national TV about one of them cheating - they'd made the whole thing up to (1.) get on TV because they were unemployed and bored, and (2.) to get a free night away in a hotel!

    Best Jerry Springer episode I ever saw was when a girl had gone out with 1 guy who was 1 of a set of twins, then got together with his twin. She'd gotten pregnant and didn't know which one was the father. Turns out the result of the DNA test showed that the twins were identical (they didn't know that, allegedly) so it was impossible to tell who was the baby's father!

  • james_woods

    Will he do a segment on Nazi Lesbian Nuns with Eating Disorders?

    BTW - it is a little tidbit of Ferrari trivia that Connie Chung used to have a 328GTS (junior entry level Ferrari) when she was a local news anchor in LA.

  • AGuest

    I hear you re Miz PaulaDean, Miz Shirl, my dear (the greatest of love and peace to you, chile!). I frequented Emeril's in N'awlins once and, well, I was kinda like, what in the WORLD is everyone ON about? Decent, yes... but here in Cali, and particularly in SF... that would NOT be a restaurant worthy of... well, let's just say HERE it wouldn't be considered much above one of the better Chinese restaurants in the area. And there are a ga-ZILLION of those ("better" Chinese restaurants). But... it was decent, so I don't wanna put Emeril down (too far, anyway). Maybe it's their audience "appeal"... which I hear goes for quite the price, these days...

    Can`t say I wasn`t warned...

    Nope, you can't dear KArt (peace to you, luv!) - LOLOLOLOL!

    I would take those shows with a pinch of salt.

    Thank you for letting us in the on the REAL, dear Noni (peace to you, as well!). I have to say, that does make me feel better - really! I mean, it is FRIGHTENING to think that those folks are 'fo realz! OMG... they can't be. They just CAN'T be. Otherwise, the future looks mighty grim - LOLOLOL!

    Peace, chicken, and again, thanks for the "lift" in my "spirit"!

    SA, on her own... and also thanking dear JW (peace, bruh!) for HIS tidbit...

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