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  • AGuest

    OMG... (peace!). After eating all manner of food and delicacies... Anthony Bourdain ("No Reservations") decides to take a trip down into a deep underground bat-cave... infested with thousand of bats... millions of huge tropical roaches... and inhabited by a pack of feral cats. In... Jamaica-mon.

    Had to climb great hills to get there (complaining and become more and more apprehensive the whole time)... only to propel down into dark depths where the floors are covered with thick slimy "mud"... made of... wait for it... bat and roach guano.

    Hot... muggy... and choking stench. Told that whatever he did, do NOT sit down on the ground (even if he fell!) but ONLY on stones, branches, etc... because the muck contains "anal-seeking" parasites.

    Got in the cave and tried to joke "So, there IS a tiki bar down here," only to have the guide say, "Yeah, but it's closed on Tuesdays!"

    I LOVE the Travel Channel!!


    SA, on her own... off-topic, yes, but I started the dang thread, so...

  • james_woods
    SA, on her own... off-topic, yes, but I started the dang thread, so...

    You are forgiven - live long and prosper.

  • dm6

    Maury povich has got nothing on Jeremy kyle and the skidmarks on the british underpants.

    Basically, well um yeah, basically.

  • poopsiecakes

    Well, he's 73 years old and makes $7,000,000/year + profit participation (2007 numbers) so I guess it's a 'smoke 'em if you got 'em' kinda thing.

    I can watch maybe 10 minutes of his show before I get sick of it, but there's obviously a market for his schtick...

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    dm6....I don't believe it!....we have Jeremy Kyle on here too...but I always just switch it off as soon as I see just managed to get me to watch that!....and I found myself watching it till the end to find out if he WAS the father or not....there is no hope!!!! ARGHHHHHH

  • EntirelyPossible

    And this, my dear, is why, when i was out of work for a few months, i had a rigorous TV schedule of morning news, In the Heat of the Night, Matlock, Scrubs and Walker, Texas Ranger.

  • dm6

    still thinking, damn! im so sorry LOL

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